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18 Insights I've Learned From Those Older Than Myself

Updated: Mar 7

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As a young man, this is what I’ve learned so far from people who are older than me:

  1. If you are offered something beneficial, take the opportunity.

  2. Communication through text alone is not always sufficient to understand the message. There are other aspects of communication that are missing from text, such as tone of voice, facial expression, posture, and so forth, that can help us better understand the message that is being presented to us.

  3. Be grateful for what people do for you. Being polite can help you get ahead in life. Be grateful for those who raised you and paid for your expenses as a child. You owe them a debt of gratitude for their efforts.

  4. In a group, strive for the most equal cooperation. Do not be a pushover, but do not be a jerk either. Make sure that everyone in the team has a clear understanding of the tasks that need to be completed.

  5. Cursing can be counterproductive, and therefore should be avoided. It is unwise to curse because it can be counterproductive.

  6. Do not yell at your elders or at people in positions of authority. This can be highly counterproductive, and can lead to a loss of respect, getting fired, or even getting into legal trouble.

  7. Strive to do what is best for you, if not only for you. The norms are not always correct for you as an individual.

  8. You should not feel guilty for having fun, as long as there is nothing wrong with the thing that brings you joy.

  9. Always have some money on you. You never know when you might need it. Something unexpected could happen that would require you to pay.

10. Be nice but assertive when needed.

11. Your family is not your commander. As you reach adulthood, your life becomes more and more free of authority from your family.

12. Do not have children at a very young age. You may be unprepared for this, and it could also make the newborns pay for your immature decision.

13.Being independent is important as you grow up. You should grow your independence as much as you can, but not at the cost of being cruel to your family.

14. There is no need to be in conflict with someone just because you disagree with them. You can disagree with each other and still be in good relations.

15. Make sure you plan ahead, but take the time you need to do it. Different people need different amounts of time, and that is fine.

16. When you are sitting on a bus and you encounter an elder who may have trouble standing up for long, stand up and allow them to sit, at least as a gesture of goodwill. You are more likely to be able to stand up longer than they can.

17. Think carefully before you make a decision with big consequences.

18. Make sure you do not accept every piece of information as true. Information can be false or present only half-truths.

I hope I successfully imparted to you the lessons I received from those older than myself, and thanks for reading.

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