On Respect

On Respect

I wager that one of the most priceless things in life is respect. Even if you are wealthy or well-known to extant, money can’t, or usually doesn’t, buy you the respect of others. Rather, respect is earned through recognition and through achievements that serve as proof to give people a good enough reason to not only dedicate some of their time for you, but also to appreciate you throughout the attention they choose to give you. The same goes, by the way, for disrespect, as people may intentionally or intentionally give others reasons to disrespect them as well.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t really a job whose whole purpose is to make the worker respect you. Of course there is prostitution, but that’s mostly sexual, and there’s even people whom you pay to be friends with you. However, I have yet heard of a job whose entire purpose is to make people praise or at least respect you to a degree. There may be jobs that do just that, but I’m talking about the notion of giving respect as a major element in that job, not something that is earned through recognition, which is something that may happened regardless if you’re being payed or not.

We can learn from the value of respect that there are still things in the world that cannot fully be bought by money, and indeed it can be claimed that respect is but one of them. You may be rich, academically educated and so forth, but neither wealth or degree can earn you the appreciated respect from others if you are to act like a total douchebag with an ungrateful, disrespectful attitude towards the world.

People may disagree with your points of view, but they still can give you lots of respects if you are to act in a civilized, polite and appreciative manner, which is something that by itself isn’t bought by money either, but usually through the education you either receive from your family, from your general environment or from your own wisdom.

And indeed, respect is one of the things you can do to influence the environment you are in, in a world where you cannot necessarily control the entities that are included within. It’s one of the things you can acquire through your behavior, and be used in a way that’ll make people to be more convinced from your points of view; an influence that can be implemented without using ways such as manipulation, threatening and intimidation, that are used not in the name of respect and tolerance, but in the name of fear and anxiety.

We can conclude that by even behaving in a respectful manner to one another, no matter how far are your views from theirs, that often can be enough to make people tolerate your own views, and make way for a potential cooperation in the future, without the need to use any form of oppression whatsoever, making the tactics of the latter unnecessary.


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