3 Steps to Become a Respected Philosopher

3 Steps to Become a Respected Philosopher

A philosopher is first and foremost a content creator and a practitioner of philosophizing. Thus the first element in being a philosopher is to create content of your own which is the product of your own thinking and observation. A philosopher without anything to say is like humanity without air — without it a philosopher is non existent as such.

The second step is to improve and preserve your logical reasoning so your content will make sense, since logic is an inevitable asset to the discovery of truth. It is the very foundation of what you're trying to convey, and if even your critics will not be able to understand at least what made you reach the conclusions you've reached, you will not be respected as a philosopher and your work will be treated more poorly.

The final step is exposure. It is an endeavour that requires not only success but also the courage to face adversity and even mockery. If you're Jewish for example you might be faced with anti-Semitism, as did I back on Facebook, and even be told to keep things to yourself, even though you have the legitimacy to do otherwise. Regardless of potential hatred and trolling, optimal exposure is indeed the key to receive both respect and recognition from those willing to learn from your teachings, and eventually remember you by name.

The modernity of the internet allows you to build websites to be used as platforms to attract an audience across the globe and make them recognize you as an authority in any niche you choose, including philosophy.

That is what I did with this very website, and was able to attract readers from most of the world's nations. You can do it too with enough time and effort, and even try to earn some revenue along the way using advertisements, making your content both desired and profitable.

With the help of modernity, literarily anyone with skill in philosophizing, forming your own opinions and logical reasoning, can become a philosopher through at least one form of communication. No longer it is the privilege of civilization's elites of finance and academic education. Cherish it and become the optimal version of yourself.


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