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The Best Kind of Audience -- How to Nurture It

Updated: Feb 20

Variety of constructed shapes

It should be noted that an audience that listens, reads, or watches someone their stuff does so best out of genuine desire. Should that genuine desire not be there, the audience will feel forced and unmotivated, and an unwilling and unmotivated audience is far worse than a subverted, smaller version of it.

In other words, it is preferable that when you have something to say on a regular basis, you have a loyal audience, even if that audience is smaller than a bigger, undesiring one.

Why are school classrooms so noisy and ineffective? It's because the audience of students is practically there against their will, even if we are to assume that the material that they're learning is very valuable. The material you're giving is not the only important factor; you must know how to market it so your audience will be interested.

To be an effective audience leader, you must bring forth the reasoning and passion behind your words in order to make the same material appear not only valuable (as you may believe it is) but also attractive and desirable to be heard, read, and watched.

Because of that, there is no exclusive connection between the objective value of content and the reasoning one might think it "deserves" to be known to the local community or to people across the globe.

Simply being entitled to the material's importance and deserving of great attention is insufficient. Even in an environment where there are no personal distractions such as smartphones or talking during class (at least in that setting), it is easy to get distracted by internal attractions, which would decrease the audience's interest in the given material.

These internals are, of course, your thoughts and emotions. Perhaps this is why we often forget much of what we learn in school, as some of my own teachers have told me in the classes I attended. This is why large classes are often ineffective when studying, or at least that was my experience as a student who got to experience both regular and far smaller classes.

It isn't to say that you should seek smaller audiences; it's just that you should seek the right type of audience that will genuinely want to listen to your words. That would often, unfortunately, require the abandonment of people. In the blogging world, this is inevitable because there are so many options to choose from. Still, preserving a loyal and caring audience is far better than having a larger, uninterested one.

Why is it that important? Because when you establish a loyal audience, a following that goes beyond mere numbers, it is there that you could make a change or leave your mark on the world. Take spam messages as a counterexample. Many of us get them, but very few of us actually open them up. That's why they're considered junk e-mails. Obviously, because of that, they do not have a lot of influence in the world, despite the effort put into making and distributing them.

What is the following to which I'm referring? Anyone can be a follower, AKA, a member of a larger audience. However, it is the quality follower, the dedicated and even inspired one, who receives the greatest impact from your words.

They're the ones you'll remember distinctively and who will engage with you in some way. They can help you with their genuine will to bring you whatever success you consider because they are the ones who will be most touched by your messages. They might even share your own words with others to literally "spread the word".

The only danger in such things is when either the messages or the person themselves are dangerous, i.e., when they bring unnecessary harm to the world. This is why cults should be out of the question, even if it might be difficult at first glance to not identify them.

Cults are authoritarian, isolating, and restrictive. They live in isolation by manipulating their members. They are often led by conmen and conwomen who are after things such as funds and/or sexual exploitation.

That's the "great" part about leaving: the fact that you will get to choose whether to stay or continue, with little to no opposition from anyone. If someone unfollows you on social media, for example, it is simply because they want to see other content creators.

It is preferable that way because it is preferable to them staying against their will, as that would only decrease their loyalty to the brand you represent.

By founding and developing my "empire" of readers, I hope to make them all genuinely want to read my articles. This isn't an egomaniacal motive. It's a desire to leave an impact on this world by contributing what I have to offer. My vision is to create a "metropolis" of articles to be explored by people throughout this site. Just like traffic on a highway! For now, I think it's working.

That will serve my ultimate purpose, which I have given to myself: to prove to the baker, Ms. Chen, that I too am a relevant person. She, who only understands Hebrew and who used to be my friend and former love interest. I have no grudge against her, but the thought of seeing her realize her mistake is something I really wish could be done in my lifetime. That is, even though I will probably never hear from her again.

To transcend the English language by creating a legacy that'll arrive to speakers of other languages who don't necessarily speak English, is a good indication that one has not only a good following but also great recognition; a recognition that, in my case, shall be done sincerely and legitimately. That'll make me an anti-villain, who, in her words, has done nothing wrong.

There are two ways to not do anything wrong: not do anything, or do right, which I attempt to do.

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