Does Originality Exist in Modern Times?

Does Originality Exist in Modern Times?

Originality indeed exists, even if it's a rarer occurrence than before, simply because we can still find many things which were, and are, original, at least under the framework of their time. Think of the times when you were so amazed by something, you described it, whether in thought or in speech, as original. If you indeed can remember of such moments, then originality does exists at least for you. For me it exists, too. The movies of David Lynch, the forth game in the Silent Hill franchise, surrealistic paintings, the plot behind Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” - all of these are examples of creations which I found to be very original.

For a content creator, the process of forming something original, in my opinion, requires the following aspects:

· Deep and extensive thinking: an original creation can be described as something that has been never thought of, or seen before, by either you the creator, or by the audience which consumes your work. Naturally such a creation should be invest with much thinking, of how to make that thing separated from other creations in the same genre. Simply improvising spontaneously could easily bring that creation to be show many points of identity with other creations. You can, also, try to define what originality means to you.

· Effort: For something to be original, it ought to be invested with a lot of effort, on how to make it original. That effort, of course, is dependent on what type of creation it is - is it a video game, a drawing, a book? Either way, that effort should be invested on how to make that creation different from other creations you and others have encountered before the execution of the said creation. Make it stand out, make it unique. This effort can be very hard, and I’m saying this from experience as a writer.

· Contemplating on he nature of the creation itself: Contemplate on the nature of that creation. What kind of creation do you mean it to be? What traits is this creation going to possess? I think that the more various and even strange or contradicting combinations of traits a creation is going to possess, the more unique it would become. Think of the genre, or the few genres, this creation is going to include; think of what content it would include, and what it would exclude. The possibilities are endless, and just because they are endless, it is so hard to choose the most optimal possibility out of them.

If you're a content creator, don’t think reaching originality would be easy. You should consider the possibility that you may even fail eventually. However the attempt itself is exalted, in a world whose most modern and popular creations are cheap, unoriginal and lacking.


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