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Policies Page

Service Level Agreement:

I, Tomasio Rubinshtein, the site's writer and manager, promise the site's visitors, readers and members the following:

1. To try and provide worthy content to those looking for philosophical/contemplative articles, poems and videos (AKA content).

2. To accept content from external writers/content creators whose content I believe to be worthy as well, and give them the credit they deserve.

3. To try and dedicate time to reading the comments and other feedback from the site's userbase, and provide feedback of my own when I believe such feedback is either beneficial or necessary.

4. To allow respectful, tolerating discussions on Philosocom and to give members a safe place to express themselves, as I expect them to allow me.

5. To be intolerant to any troll that is either trolling either me or others.

Likewise, I expect, even if not much, from the site's userbase:

1. To be at least reasonably grateful for all the time, energy and effort that I've put to this site, to its content and to replying to your comments.

2. That I am, too, grateful for the time you put into reading my articles, signing up,and providing respectful, considerate comments.

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