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How Potential Can Lead to Hope

Updated: 3 days ago

Even though I am solitary, I do communicate with a small number of my readers. They are the only people other than my family that I communicate with regularly. Since I know they have good intentions, I welcome them into my life with all my heart.

The following is a quotation from a chat with an anonymous reader. We were discussing relevancy and how, in theory, our potential as human beings is a feature that already "solves," so to speak, the issue of irrelevancy in some people's cases, such as mine.

These were my words when the reader presented to me his philosophy on the case:

"Your philosophy seems very interesting to me, the way you put awareness at such a high priority that it surpasses many things people would consider essential in life."

Awareness seems less of a momentary realization that one is being automatic, and more of a fluid, lifelong thing; the being that exists in all of us, the same lifeforce that makes us want to live and achieve.

I think I better understand the meaning of your book's name now. We are all "messiahs" because we are all, so to speak, "sent" here, to achieve the potential within, a potential that exists in every human being, in theory.

Each individual can influence the world in his own way, and thus achieve relevancy, as life marches on, thus the importance of awareness. Yes, the awareness of the relation between potential, time, and action. The longer you are alive, the more capable you are of achieving your potential.

Being aware of it is the joy that I believe you express in your poem: the idea that there exists a greater self beyond the mundane, and yet, that self exists within all of us already, and all that we have to do is be aware of it.

I find your theory evident in my own articles. As the years went by, my articles significantly improved, or so I am inclined to believe. They became longer, less convoluted, more insightful, and so on.

It is merely the practice for perfection that exists in all of us! Even if we will not achieve it all, time grants us the privilege of getting closer to such a possibility.

Yes, I see now. Then, the topic of relevance isn't all that important, because it is granted by potential. The thing that is left to be done, is to recognize that potential and unleash it."

To put things in more context, the reader added a poem about his joy of solitude. The aspect of solitude, which I was very interested in during my lifetime, presents to us the possibility of a "greater" self.

Not a greater ego, necessarily, but a self that exists beyond the mundane. This awareness, once mastered, could make one realize that they are more capable than they might believe beforehand.

This age of modernity extends this potential greatly, regardless of success. I don't know if that individual potential is infinite, but with advances in technology, information, and communication -- that potential is truly wide beyond day-to-day comprehension.

Look at your life as it is now, whatever it is, whoever you are, and whenever you are. With access to the world, to the English language, and so on -- these aspects could lead to many possibilities, otherwise locked away in your distant ancestors' minds, in theory.

Life, as it is now, does not have to be the way it is currently, no matter how orderly and usual it been thus far. Money plays a part, for sure, but it isn't the only aspect.

Your knowledge, your opportunities, and your interpersonal circles -- all can change in an instant, or in a series of instances. That's what makes life full of potential.

As time progresses, the width of that potential increases, whether or not you actually seize it. It does not depend on you exclusively, but, in this day and age, on just about any event happening in the world.

That potential is what eventually led me to the realization, that my own relevancy is already granted, not only because of previous writings, but also to the width of potential that will only extend as time marches on.

It's like a spectrum that will extend more and more, without any actual limitation in sight.

That is why awareness plays a part, because if you are aware enough of this untapped potential within you and within this world, then life might seem more worthwhile to you than it might be right now.

If you happen to be suicidal, perhaps it could give you hope to live on; if you happen to be lonely, perhaps you will eventually find people to keep you in the company you seek.

In other words, the relation of growing potential over time, is what technically leads to... hope. Remove the necessity of eternity, and life could get a lot more bearable, and maybe even more colorful, for some of you who might happen to be down.

It is not certainty that should be sought over possibility, but the other way around, because the irony is, that possibility is always certain, while certainty is not.

Depend yourself on possibility, and on your own potential to achieve said possibility, and you might have a good recipe for nurturing long-term hope.

It is not to say that you will necessarily be ultra-rich, live in poverty, be under arrest in a foreign country, reach worldwide fame, be elected to the presidency, and so on.

Nonetheless, by the mere fact that you are alive – you might be able, somewhere, someday, even if you don't achieve (or are cursed with) any of what I just mentioned.

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