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The "Sin" of New

Updated: Feb 21

A  lonely man

The darker side of possibility is adaptability. With the ability to adapt to new possibilities, we are then capable of disposing of things -- and beings -- with greater ease. If you wish to know why modern life appears "fake", so to speak, is because of the many possibilities it provides to many.

With each new possibility a likely reality, the former state of things become less and less desirable, and more and more disposable. It merely comes from the root of us humans to survive, even if survival is not a topic at a specific case.

We humanity excel at adapting. It is what eventually led us to this very day, to design this very world; A world dominant by humans, whose fate is within in our hands, while countless other species -- they are no longer a feature; mere relics of the past, some not memorable by most.

By our ability to dispose, to eradicate and even to backstab, we have eventually forged the world as it is today, a world of material prosperity and nearly universal unity at least in terms of communication, travel and technology.

With this comes a price -- the price of being, or having sometimes, to abandon our current status quo with ease. Now more than ever, you may be born in one country, but you have the ability to live in countless countries across the world.

Not all will seize it, but many do and will. New environments, new people, new opportunities. It is the NEW things that make it difficult to be emotionally attached to existent things.

Why? Because the world has grown rapid for many of us. Products have been produced en masse since the Industrial Revolution, and new pieces of content must be made and entertained since the Digital Revolution. Old content is quickly consumed, usually, only to eventually be forsaken for new content.

We are in an age of constant consumption, always eagerly waiting for the next thing to pop up. The next job, the next people, the next car and the next video game. It is merely an abuse of our innate need to survive through adapting, that keeps the contemporary world prosperous financially.

That is the "Sin" of New. It is the reason why we leave our homelands, forget the dead, dispose of our friends, and eventually, underestimate the absurdity of our existence, simply because we are too busy occupying ourselves with what's next to wait to reflect, to appreciate, or to be thankful for what we have and what we have accomplished thus far.

You see, the mind is like a belly that is rarely satiated, unless you have decided to embrace death. Adaptability is required because it is the key to survival. However, it can easily become a double-edged sword, when abused in anxiety-creating ways.

Anxiety is also a product of our need to survive, even if we live in utter safety. I have General Anxiety Disorder. I probably received it as a result of my public and academic education. To always strive for a better grade, to hope this time I won't fail, to make sure I remember all the right details so I could write the relevant ones when the time comes; That creates much suffering.

The ways of society are wrong in my eyes; hence, I live in solitude. We are capable of being easily stressed, easily irritated, over the simplest of things, simply because of how much abundance we have. Some of it brings us joy, some brings us comfort, and to some we have just become accustomed.

Perhaps because of this stress, I have become mentally ill with the Anxiety Disorder I have just mentioned. Because mental illness cannot be cured, I am afraid that there's no going back for me.

The same framework that was supposed to lift me up to ADJUST and be a part of this world, only worsened my mentality, even though no one had such an intention. I don't know how I would've fared if I lived in another century, but what I believe I know is, that simplicity is terribly underrated. There is always high demand for just about anything.

That is the "Sin" of New. It is a network of lifelong work that ends with either retirement or death, just to make ends meet. It is a life not everyone is capable of living, and yet we are all expected to live it as society expects of us. Why? Because then we will be considered "normal" and even "desired", which are the ultimate antidotes to being seen as weird and eccentric.

Should we be seen as the latter, we would be rejected, disposed of. It is all part of a greater disease that stresses us in a seemingly eternal race of a life we don't always want to live in its current form.

A solution isn't simple, because the vast majority of humanity depends on money to survive. If you're disabled, apply for welfare; It will make your life far easier if you haven't already. If you live in a place with high rent, consider living cheaply if possible, so life will be even easier.

Eventually, the vision of the so-called "American Dream" is a delusion because it is highly demanding, and instead of relaxing and watching your property in serenity, you will instead think of the next thing to accomplish, endure, and overcome. The next product to try, the next car to drive, the next opportunity to seize.

It is a loop of a seemingly endless desire, simply because we are taught to live in a certain way, that might not be healthy for us individually, whether or not there actually is another option that we're not aware of. I am glad to be unemployed; I get to play video games all day, and still contribute to society through this legacy.

If it weren't for this medium, I don't know what would happen to me. Nonetheless, not all can live this way financially, but at least you might now realize how what I call the "Sin" of the New World makes us shells of our former selves, in a way.

Adulthood should be what we want it to be, as much as reality allows it. If something requires a compromise, then TAKE that compromise if it means that you will be less stressed and be able to do things that you actually want to do, and not just to keep a high rent apartment or a dull life.

Think of what you would want to do in life, then compare it with what reality has to offer you. It appears to be the best solution I can give thus far.

In the end, from what life has taught me, going solo is the easiest, because it would mean less responsibility and, thus, less of a burden from other people, even if we depend on them in some way or another. I believe that the least amount of dependency is the quickest way to find some relief in life.

If I were the only male in school, perhaps... she would have stayed with me a little while longer. But since there were so many people to interact with, I was merely something to be squeezed until one's will is satiated. Then, forward to the next person. I was merely a social pawn all along, wasn't I? I will use my experience with her for greater victory.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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