11 Tips For Living More Peacefully

11 Tips For Living More Peacefully

Updated: Apr 17

Hereby 11 useful tips that can help all of us live life more peacefully and get closer to the desired state of serenity:

1. Don’t listen to aggressive or emotional music too often. They breed the temptation to go out of one’s peaceful sphere. ​

2. Depend your happiness as less as possible on the functionality of your surroundings. Depending your wellbeing on the activities of others would likely to make you frustrated than satisfied, because no one is held responsible for your mood, even if they affect it in some way.

​3. Don’t stress yourself too much. When exhausted, find ways to rejuvenate, even during work and/or assignments. Those who stress yourself too much because they depend their happiness on your behavior, shouldn’t be in your life if they aren’t necessary to be in it.

4. Living in singlehood would more likely to bring you peace than in a romantic relationship, where the boundaries and personal freedoms aren’t always clear. But hey, it’s your decision in the end.

5. Find ways to increase your independence from others. That way you are less likely to be disappointed.

6. Learn to express your energies in healthy ways, so they won’t tempt you to express them aggressively. I personally go to the gym, and doing so relaxes me.

​7. Drink a few cups of tea a day. They will calm your nerves significantly if you will stick to it regularly.

8. Focus more on the things you possess and have done rather on the things you haven’t. If you believe you haven’t done much to be satisfied, prove yourself wrong by trying to achieve them.

9. Know and recognize your individual limitations. Everyone has a “breaking point” of their own. Be conscious of it and try to stay away from it as far as possible.

10. Be aware that conflict isn’t always evitable, and the attempt to avoid it at all costs might not always be successful. Embrace the possibility of conflict and learn to live in peace with it. The attempt to run away from it completely may be counter-productive to your daily functioning.

And finally,

11. When talking, it’s important not only what you’re trying to convey, but how you’re communicating it as well. Being polite and kind can help you to significantly avoid evitable conflicts with others.


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