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14 Tips for Reducing Stress

Updated: Sep 19

To live a tension-free life, I believe that you must meaningfully limit yourself from things that could otherwise cause a lot of stress, while exposing yourself to relieving stimulation.

I wonder whether there are universal stressful things, or if it is dependent on one's individuality. Regardless, to live with optimal serenity, you must seclude yourself as much as possible from sources of stress, even if it means giving up on specific ambitions and goals you were previously determined to achieve, and even if it would mean disappointing people who had higher expectations of you.

Here are some other tips that I can give:

  1. Do not aspire to become rich as a way to be satisfied, if you believe that money will answer all your problems, or will complete your quest for serenity. There could be richer people who are more stressed than you. The greedy are, by nature, restless.

  2. Avoid regularly listening to dramatic music if you do so. Find time to listen to calming music more often. Buy headphones that can block outside sounds to avoid stressful stimuli.

  3. Find time to rest or even nap.

  4. Don't make decisions that you are likely to regret once committed.

  5. Find time to be alone and do whatever you want; it will be a quality time with yourself.

  6. Find ways to relieve your already existent stress. This could be working out, or expressing yourself through art or writing, for example.

  7. Don't let business you need to do wait until the last moment. That last moment can be very stressful. Finish what you need to do to liberate yourself from those stressful moments before they begin.

  8. Between a high-paying job and a sufficiently-paying job, choose the one that has the least stress, even if it would mean getting less money.

  9. Don't do freelance jobs. It is less likely that you will be paid, and if you are not, you will have to make a "crusade" to make your clients finally pay, and sometimes they will be able to avoid paying you at all.

  10. Try to get as few loans as possible; they should be a last option.

  11. Surround yourself with friends who are tolerant of you and who are less likely to put you in a state of peer pressure than your existing friends. If you don't see the need to socialize, don't, since social life can be stressful as well.

  12. Preserve or develop your health to prevent future worries, even if it would mean taking a few days off work. When it comes to mental health, find someone you can talk to about your deepest thoughts and feelings, even if it is not a psychologist if you are unable to afford one.

  13. Seek peace among the people in your life. Do not get yourself into unwanted conflicts if you are able to prevent them.

And finally,

14. If you are in a relationship and you are finding yourself suffering more than enjoying it, break up. Relationships are not created for suffering, but sometimes they inevitably do.

Hope I helped.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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