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14 Tips for Reducing Stress -- How To Understand What The Human Body Contains For A Better Existence

Updated: May 1

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Ms. Tamara Moskal's Synopsis

The human body contains genes with a hereditary data bank about life. Stress takes a toll on our bodies, both personally and multigenerational. Collective pain and trauma are stored in the generic information that helps us to survive.  
Listen to your body and take good care of it. By understanding your pain and stress, you will also understand other people's anguish. Learn how to avoid it and how to avoid inflicting suffering on others. 
Work on reducing stress to improve your functioning and learn how to endure life's hardships. Society is a necessary evil that provides safety but requires us to work under stress to survive.
Overcoming the need for societal validation and acceptance can reduce stress. Learn to love yourself. Society lacks empathy, but it's your responsibility to reduce stress within you and work towards the life you want to live. To minimize stress, you must increase your wisdom and be intelligent.


Introduction: Understanding the Human Body

The human body is a massive data bank of information. It can be used for greater care. It contains all of our energies, and all of our pain. Not only it contains our own pain, but also that of others, in present time, and on the multigenerational scale, in the form of our genes. When we see someone suffering, if we have emotional empathy, our body will store their pain within us, compelling ourselves to help them in their time of need.

Wars and traumas take both a personal and multigenerational toll on our bodies. The point of the human body, when it comes to stress, is to be able to store as much of it, while allowing us to resume our daily functioning, necessary for our survival. However, the more stress we gather up, consciously or otherwise, the greater the toll it will have on our physical and mental health. Mental health issues are also expressed in physical ailments.

Pain is information. Trauma is information. They help us understand the world around us, and what we need to do to survive in it. What to avoid, and what to persist in.

Be more attuned to your body, connect with your pain and stress, and not only you will be able to understand yourself, but also what you can do in this world, and what you should stay away from.

And your pain is not entirely your own. Understand your pain, to understand others as well. Learn from their time of hardship to understand what is there to be done, and to avoid, in order to reduce their suffering. Understand the importance of trauma and stress, so you will be able to inflict it as little as possible on those who already have it, and on those who are purer than that.

Do so, and you will be able to be better than many of those whom are worthy to be despised. Abusers who do not learn from their mistakes and from other people's mistakes, and are thus doomed by their own unfortunate stupidity to repeat it again and again, and become the spreaders of physical and mental ill. By the silver rule, they will spread it unto themselves, by proxy.

Learn not only from others and from institutions. Learn from your own body. Listen to the pain in it, which you naturally repress to survive in a world that expects you to mask it in the name of greater succcess.

Take good care of your body, for it is the container of many suffering in which you do not casually feel. It is stored without your awareness, so you will be able to focus on surviving.

Work on reducing that suffering, that stress, within you, so you will be able to improve your functioning, and work towards building the life you want to love. For survival is not only a human's imperative. Another imperative is to use that ability to survive, to create the life which celebrates the hardship that is entailed by survival and endurance.

Do not expect others to understand this as much. Humans by most are poor learners, especially when they turn into adults, lose their curiosity, and have yet to become independent learners, or "self-learners". Instead, they undoubtedly surrender the vital need to learn, to courses, to other people, to degrees and other certificates, to validate their lack of the following understanding: That we all should be students, students of life, who can learn from everyone and everything.

Not being able to learn by oneself is such a horrible thing, for we need knowledge, not only to accomplish our ambitions, but also to stay clear of embarrassing, counter-intuitive incompetence. Incompetence is to be reduced to a minimum, to optimize our investment of energy, in creating the life we want to live. It starts with us.

Rely on yourself. Develop your ability to learn as a habit. Eliminate the unnecessary dependence of entirely needing external guidance to teach you what to do, what to think. Learn to see your body as your most basic teacher. Spend time alone with it, and see what needs to be done to reduce its stress.

Do not underestimate its power. Help it, help you.

Understanding Society and Stress

Society is a necessary evil. While it may try to oppress you, it is the one who enables you to function with greater safety, while providing you with goods and services. You must work to survive in it, and thus work plays a crucial role in the stress that builds up within us.

Work is where we deny our true selves. In it, we must deny it, because there are more pressing issues to attend to while at work. The professional self is an artificial ideal self we must strive to whether we like it or not. We want to not be fired, we want our business to remain afloat, then our innate self is to be denied and repressed, despite the health problems that may stem, as a result.

Work takes a toll of stress itself in the human body. It is but one of the many, many features of life which gather up within us, and harm us, unless we do what it takes to reduce our stress.

I work because I practice asceticism, and work is an integral part of my ruthless regimen. The point of my asceticism is to become strong enough to be able to better endure reality, and to lend my strength to others when they need it. My denial of the self is therefore a functional one, and a moral one. It is better to help others than to profit off their pain. Finances are the least of my concern, for I already live on welfare.

Society builds up within us stress factors made as conditions for us to be accepted, validated and loved by others. Society expects us to follow trends, to be normal, to mask. All so our psychological needs of being loved and accepted, will be fulfilled in exchange. Failure to comply will leave us lonely and rejected.

Overcome the need to be loved, accepted and validated by society, and you will save yourself a lot of stress. Learn to love yourself merely for the purpose of surviving in this stress-intense world. Do not expect society to teach you how to appreciate yourself for who you are and for what you can do. Societal love is conditional, a business transaction. You strive to do "A" and you are to avoid "B", you will be rewarded with "C".

Enable yourself to love yourself, and you can cut away this conditional transaction of psychological need-providing. Provide it yourself, and you can have one less thing to be stressed about.

I reject myself from society because I know it lacks the knowledge I have about myself from my own body. I am attuned to my body, as the gatekeeper of unique knowledge, helping me survive, and helping me to work of Philosocom.

This unique knowledge within me is one that does not exists in the people around me, because I know they do not understand how I perceive reality. I absorb pain like a sponge. The delicacy of human experience is one I sense with great intuitive depth. I choose to contain it to study it, and thus, to understand reality. Adversity, to an extent, is a remedy.

I do not expect others to understand as properly as my ruthless regimen allows me, with enough information research, both from sources and from my body. I do not say this from pride. I say this from a great stream of sadness flowing with my depersonalized mentality. I had to depersonalize to be a better philosopher.

My existential pain is hidden by the delusion of others, which I enable to become stronger by my own power. To emerge victorious over my shortcomings, I must be able to defeat hardship, by my own power. I refuse to die, and I lost the ability to have self-mercy. All by plan, all by my design.

I know society is an unreliable source of information, despite believing it knows how life is to be lived, what humans should aspire to, and so on.

In reality, it enables trauma so natrually, its hypocritical cockiness is not visibile to those who refuse to become its outsiders, its external critics. It sees its own members in pain, and it rejects them, and even traumatize them further. Society lacks empathy, the very vital resource meant to reduce pain and stress in others. It lacks empathy and encourages the mindless pursuit of pleasure. Of course, by this poor philosophy, people are going to suffer in their time of distress, while others will have fun, thinking life is good.

Those who lack even empathy, greatly than most, will even profit off the suffering of others. They will abuse them, they will scam them, and will craft elaborate schemes to use people for their own personal benefit.

Of course society does not know what's good for you. It is your responsibility, and your prerogative, to tap in to your internal world, look within, and use the powers within you to navigate human existence, reduce stress within you, and work towards the life you want to live.

The life that will make your intense efforts at surviving, rewarding, and life itself, worth to be living in your own eyes.

Other Insights Beyond Society and the Human Body

To live a more-relaxed life, I believe that you must meaningfully limit yourself from things that could otherwise cause a lot of stress, while exposing yourself to relieving stimulation.

I often wonder whether there are universal stressful things, or if it is dependent on one's individuality.

Regardless, to live with optimal serenity, you must seclude yourself as much as possible from sources of stress that could cause great harm for you in the long run. Even if it means giving up on specific ambitions and goals you were previously determined to achieve, and even if it would mean disappointing people who had higher expectations of you.

You must be able to increase your wisdom, take advantaage of your intelligence, and use them both to prevent yourself stress you don't need in your life.

Therefore, the intellect is not something to be seen as merely pompous. It is a great asset in the reduction of stress in both you and in others. As such, the intellect is best to be used for the application of a better morality in this world. Better health, as well, simply by using it to think how to avoid the toxic implication of stress on our bodies and minds.

Here are some other tips that I can give:

  1. Do not aspire to become rich as a way to be satisfied, if you believe that money will answer all your problems, or will complete your quest for serenity. There could be richer people who are more stressed than you, for they have their own stresses. The greedy are, by nature, restless. Do not expect wealth, alone, to relieve you of your own suffering.

  2. Avoid regularly listening to dramatic music if you do so. Find time to listen to calming music more often. Buy headphones that can block outside sounds to avoid stressful stimuli. If you live in a hot environment, buy earbuds instead. Headphones increase your temperature by trapping heat, and as such, intensify your suffering, doing the opposite of what you intended. Heat is horrible for stress, and sleep relaxes the body, also because it reduces our temperature.

  3. Find time to rest or even nap for the same reasoning of point 2. The most short-term and effective way to reduce stress is to cool down. It literally reduces extra body heat.

  4. Don't make decisions that you are likely to regret once committed. Develop your foresight. Think like a chess player. Understand that any action you perform, every word you utter, has a long term effect. An effect that can affect you on the long run. The freedom of expression does not only allow us to say whatever our desires dictate us to say. It's the freedom to say what we want to people, to accomplish our long-term goals. It is a freedom not only directed at our desires but also at our ability to plan the relationships we want with people.

  5. Find time to be alone and do whatever you want; it will be a quality time with yourself. Within the confines of the self you are allowed what true love allows you: To yourself. Masking takes a toll on us, as well. Make time to take off the mask. Without a true lover, one that will allow you to not hide the true self, at least work on mastering the art of being alone.

  6. Find ways to relieve your already existent stress. This could be working out, or expressing yourself through art or writing, for example. It is within you. All you need to do, is to declutter stimulation, and focus inward.

  7. Don't let business you need to do wait until the last moment. That last moment can be very stressful. Finish what you need to do to liberate yourself from those stressful moments before they begin. The less you procrastinate, the better. It only delays the inevitable. Finish the task, and rid yourself of one less concern to worry about.

  8. Between a high-paying job and a sufficiently-paying job, choose the one that has the least stress, even if it would mean getting less money. Is the reward of luxury worth the sacrifice of one's health? That is a question you need to ask for yourselves and for the life you wish to build.

  9. Don't do freelance jobs if you are anxious with people, and are unwilling to handle that anxiety head-on. It is less likely that you will be paid, and if you are not, you will have to make a "crusade" to make your clients finally pay. Sometimes they will be able to avoid paying you at all. A stable job can get you psychological safety, and that safety allows the reduction of such concern, which breed stress.

  10. Try to get as few loans as possible; they should be a last option. They create a need to earn far more. And of course, avoid loan sharks. They care not for your body. They care to abuse it for their high interest rates.

  11. Surround yourself with friends who are tolerant of you and who are less likely to put you in a state of peer pressure than your existing friends. If you don't see the need to socialize, don't, since social life can be stressful as well. Surround yourself with people willing to understand. Willing to help you in your lowest. When they help you in your lowest they are the ones truly worthy to be with you, in your highest.

  12. Preserve or develop your health to prevent future worries, even if it would mean taking a few days off work. When it comes to mental health, find someone you can talk to about your deepest thoughts and feelings, even if it is not a psychologist if you are unable to afford one.

  13. Seek peace among the people in your life. Do not get yourself into unwanted conflicts if you are able to prevent them. Understand that a peaceful discourse can get you what you seek in your exchange of words with them. Cause stress in others, and by the silver rule, they will cause stress to you in return, or eventually. The best way to combat unncessary stress is to refuse to enable it in your owm behavior. Use your knowledge of words to socially engineer the peaceful life you want with people. According to research, It is that subtle.


14. If you are in a relationship and your partner consistently refuses to be moral, leave before its too late for you. The immoral either do not understand the overall importance of morality in relationships, don't know how to be moral, or will disregard morality, and instead seek you abuse you.

In all cases, stress will be caused. Love is there to reduce stress. Healthy romantic relationships can calm you. It doesn't have to be there to be another headache.

It is a gift we give to others, thanking them for existing, allowing them to resume exist, and chreish the fact, that they still exist. Never forget that, if you seek not only to receive love, but to give it, as well.

I hope I helped. If I helped you, use my help to help others. Share this article, so your dear ones will suffer far less, under the burden of stress. Show that you care for them, and want to relieve their agony. Doing so in general, is the moral thing to do.

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