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The Art of Being Alone

Being alone is a skill; an art that is recommended for all of us to practice for the sake of our maturity and independence.

Being alone, for many, is not an easy task. It may cause fear, stress, anxiety and depression. Some may even fear being alone more than death. What is this fear? This fear is the fear of feeling lonely, because when loneliness is felt, it is sensed like a deep inner void inside your body, sucking every life-force of happiness.

Being alone is equivalent to horsemanship. the more you are in control of yourself, the less likely you might fall into the painful, hot ground. The less you are stable on the back of the horse, the higher the tension you’ll feel across the muscles of your body. You ought to be stable, or else you’ll collapse into deep suffering, and when you are to suffer under the cruel sun, no one, at least for a while, will come to aid you in your misery.

Another point should be recognized: people are, naturally, company. You can be also considered under the category of “people”. Therefore, you too are company, and if you are alone, you are in a company of one.

Like being with a romantic partner, there is also the relationship of the individual with themselves. This relationship is like every other human relationship that it’s possible to think about. Like with every relationship, issues are always potential to be occurred. However, this relationship is long ignored, if recognized at all.

You are the rider and the horse altogether. In seclusion you ought to be both the navigating leader and the stabilized means of transportation. This is a cooperation of one as a unit on its own, with a demand for crystallization as means of progression and preservation. It is required even if you are alone amongst civilization, because seclusion is universally possible, from the quietest of valleys to the nosiest of metropolises.

Thus, the more you’re in peace and love with yourself, the better your own company will be. Spend some quality time with yourself, show yourself some love and practice monologue with yourself, whether in speech, writing or thought. Gradually, your own company is potential to become the ideal company you could ever imagine, so much, until social interactions shall turn less of a need, and more of an optionality.