The Effects of Philosophization

The Effects of Philosophization

It wouldn’t be a much of an exaggeration to claim, that philosophy has ruined my life, or, at least, has permanently made my existence much less vivid and spontaneous.

You see, once a person evolves into a philosopher, the entire colors of the world begin to appear less colored, by the mighty robotic wand of destructive logical reasoning. Things that they didn’t questioned before are invaded by a murderous sea of contemplations. Since literarily everything can be prone to philosophization, everything is prone to the increasing apathetic industrial factories of the philosophical consciousness. The least of innocence that remained is sucked into oblivion, by constant and never ending questions that may bring you insights you may or may not strong enough to be confronted with.

Many experiences that many people wish to have - going abroad a second time, marry, lose one’s virginity, become rich and socially acceptable, raise a family- all of these become dust into the feet of the philosophical giant that makes them appear as minimal and of little value.

Philosophizaion simply presents the philosopher how not worthwhile many things are in practice.

Okay, you’re going to eat that donut. However, then you understand, as you chew it, that it is no more than a low quality food, which is not an entrance to a state of great pleasure, but it is just a food; Okay, you now have a girlfriend, so what? Is there any difference between a single person and a person in a romantic relationship? Even if you are in such a relationship, the world after its foundation remains the same if you are philosophy-capable-material; Great, you are now abroad during your vacation from work. What’s the difference? The sun abroad is the same as it is in your homeland, and so with the particles of the air and the cycle of day and night, and the people here are of no significant difference of those back home.

As a philosopher, you may attain the realization that everything beyond the colorful jail of social consciousness and your own walls of thoughts, is in vain; a similar conclusion King Solomon has reached long ago in history. It doesn’t necessarily make you sad or depressed, but it significantly damages the vividness of life, even though you may still be joyous and enthusiastic. Nevertheless, that happiness is limited and restricted by the logic-converting machine that your mind has evolved into. Some may call it immortality, some - severe depression, emptiness, void. I call it intellectual transcendence.

The importance of philosophy in my life is that it made me sober; constant doubting of norms and socially approved phenomena and symbols made me realize how fake and imprisoning culture is. Nothing is really important unless that importance is given by an external entity, which can be either you or a collective. That importance is only a creation of our thinking; it doesn’t exist on the object, state or situation we label the title “important”. I now understand how illusionary we are, the humans. We create domes of cultural components, surround ourselves within it since the day we are born, and many of us are simply not awaken by how false these inter-mental domes are; this is because many of us are not philosophers.

Once you expose yourself to philosophical thinking, you may not return to your former state. Beware of suffering and of unwanted enlightenment. Turn back if you’re not ready to give in to the general skepticism and clarifications that the mountain of philosophy is built of.

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