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The Capacity of Human Emotion -- How To Be a Relentless Altruist

Updated: Jun 24

A ghost speculating about the deceased

Altruism In Leadership's Isolation

"Living alone isn't so bad." -- Razro, Suikoden IV

It appears that my capacity of human emotion has been dwindling, bit by bit. It's not even something I'm sad about. I'm just beginning to naturally see this existence in a lesser regard. Not because I want to, but because it happens so intuitively, the more I philosophize. The things which we hold in high regard, what is their point, beyond the function and purpose which they serve?

A rare rainbow means very little to me, for a rainbow serves little functionality and purpose, beyond being an eye-candy to millions.

I've been in a largely physical isolation for most of my life, traning my tenacity and logic relentlessly by writing and renovating philosophy articles. I let my heart be broken online and offline so I would grow accustomed to pain and suffering.

Having very few people being in my physical company, I only began seeing the world with even more repulse. Repulse, not because I hate the world, but because I don't really understand its significance in the overall scheme of things, beyond the functionality and purpose it serves to me. By the same token, I began seeing my worth less, beyond the same criteria which I began ruthlessly judging this world by.

And I don't need a heart to contribute to others. I don't need a heart to do the right thing, when I understand the value of things beyond whatever they make me think or feel.

When you reach a certain amount of independence from other people, you then begin to question their necessity in your life beyond the mentioned criteria of usefulness and worth. I was criticized by a minor antagonist about me being so hooked up on machinery to live -- the gaming console, the computer and so on, instead of actual company. But I don't need to go outside wherever I happen to live at the time, and experience life orthodoxically, when I can use reasoning and research to get the data I want.

The data I can use to contribute to this world, and thus contribute to myself, by refusing being a klumnik.

Perhaps, since my childhood, I'm simply a solitary animal, rather than a social one. Perhaps I keep this site afloat so I could justify my existence, in a life that is otherwise useless and dysfunctional to the social order I am forced to be in.

And I don't need to care about you on the emotional level to contribute to you by your consent. I don't need to unmute my emotions to be a good person. I don't need to liberate myself from my loneliness to be meaningful to you through my unforgiving work for humanity.

I don't need to live together with my emotions to get be a relentless altruist, and thus, to clear the gap between me and the ideal self. The self I need to be more productive in your name.

Unfeeling and Uninhibited

"When it comes to a battle of wills, I have no doubt that mine should prevail against yours!" -- Graham Cray, Suikoden IV

I really like the delusion that we need friends in order to be happy. It is a very broad generalization, because once you get used to your own company, the necessity for friendship would decrease. It's also possible to delude ourselves using our feelings towards this value, by unintentionally committing the parasocial fallacy, but I digress.

A delusion I like even more is the generalization that we all want to be happy. But I do not understand what do I gain by being happy. We might as well devise a machine with a button that which each press, we become happy.

Hehehe. A life of pure joy can easily be a problem when we discard anything else that practically deserve our attention, like problems, and like other people's distress (thus making that life "pure").

If I was capable of true human independence, one where I would succumb to the egoism that lies in wanting to be happy, then I might as well be even more solitary than I already am. And had I been more solitary, I would be less willing to help those in need. I would avoid listening to people's problems. I would avoid helping people believe in themselves, and lastly, I would avoid helping suicidal people, whose names I will never mention as examples in my articles.

Therefore, wanting happiness is a waste of my efforts, when tuning in to the problems and the distress of those I can help, contributes far more to the overall good of this reality. And we don't need emotions, nor dependence on a certain state of emotion, in order to know all this and all the insights I deliver to you in this article.

I am speaking to your rationale, not to your heart. And should you ask, in fair criticism, why should we even care about others, my answer would be this: It's our choice and we're entitled to our choices as people capable of free will. And if I want to surrender my will to altruism, I will. What makes our will free lies in our determination to lend our willpower for whatever value or effort we hope and dream for. Compare this to a freelancer who gets to choose who to work for.

And I am unfeeling the same as I am unhibited. As long as I have purpose, and as long as I know what do to do attain that purpose, I've no reason to let anything, or anyone, stand in my path. I don't need to be happy to do just that. I just need the amount of discipline required to to persist.

Any increase of human emotion... any increase that hinders purpose, deserves to be mercilessly burned to the ground, muted, silenced. The delusion that emotion deserves to be highly regarded, even emotion which makes you suffer, is quite amusing to me. When it stands in your path, when it causes grief to your efforts, why entertain its rebellious presence so much?

Why desire emotion which paralyzes you? Why desire emotion which makes you unstable? isn't emotion, ultimately, nothing more than a biochemical drug, created within the body, triggered by external affairs? Could I be making the strawman's fallacy by asking these questions?

I'm not even sure if I want to be loved. I only think of love as knowledge as empiric knowledge I don't have -- the empirical knowledge of a romantic relationship. Other than that, I will live, and I will work to contribute, whether or not I will be loved.

And you cannot change my mind, when I already understand that alturism is morally good, and that there is no greater moral good than altruism. I've worked on my ego. It no longer has the emptiness it used to have. Nothing I will do will satisfy me, because I am not after satisfaction. I am after productivity, and I am after it, by choice.

I never understood this need to be someone else's, or for someone else to be yours. I just live my days alone, contributing to the world, and I still remain alive, either way. All the emotional complications that follow -- what is their point, in the large scheme or things? To make you escape from the inevitable monotony of life?

Embracing Sacrifice While Battling the Shackles of Being a Human

"A soldier shouldn't act on personal feelings." -- Hauser, Suikoden II

I just belittle the importance of emotions, especially those who serve more as an obstacle than anything else. I have no use for obstacles, the same as I have no use for weakness. I belittle anyone and anything, myself included, when any of those become a liability, and thus are needed to be relentlessly improved.

Nothing and no one is perfect, but it does not mean we should keep things, or even ourselves, the way we are.

I don't mind sacrificing much of my life just to get a goal, when that sacrifice is necessary, for said goal. Peace, while deserves, can often be a liability, when we act, think and behave in its name alone. Like with happiness, some things, matter as well, in the name of success.

Perhaps if I cared less for the success of my altruistic pursuit, then my capacity for human emotion would be bigger. Anything that makes me excited, would've gotten far more attention. Far more attention, than it actually deserves.

Why do emotions even exist, beyond the ensuring of function and purpose? Why should I continue to exist, if not for a function and purpose which exceeds myself?

Why can't we just regard what serves us, and disregard that which not? Is this all a product of overstretched influences, which we allow due to our various weaknesses? And what is weakness? Anything that makes us more vulnerable than we should, for our plans.

But I, I refuse to be weak. I cannot be a relentless altruist, should I choose weakness. I cannot be a relentless altruist if I whine. I cannot be one if I sink into depression. And I can't be one if I choose to want to have fun and happiness above all.

So, I simply won't. I will burn to the ground, and lock away, any internal component which hurts my inner core.

And I became a relentless altruist by being ruthless to myself. That is how you will benefit from me, the most. Be one yourselves, and others will benefit from you, more.

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