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Death, Freedom and Intersubjectivity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Intersubjectivity is the actual definition of what many refer to as “life” and “reality”. The interactions we have with others and our participation in society is what we refer to as “life” and “reality”, while being a recluse is normally portrayed as “escapism” and “death”.

Intersubjectivity, however, can be also referred to as “mental” chains, keeping you in the line on conventional beliefs and paradigms; a tool society uses to shape your perception of life and reality, while discouraging you to believe or to create other paradigms that do not go hand-in-hand with what society wants us to believe, because these paradigms are “weird”, “eccentric”, “mentally-ill”, “retarded” and so forth.

To be a recluse is to disconnect oneself from the mental chains that are intersubjectivity. It is to expose yourself to life and to reality that exist beyond the conventional definition of “life” and “reality”. When you are alone you can discover new opportunities, both physically and abstractly, that you’ve otherwise wouldn’t find if you did not be extensively by yourself.

Once you accept the greater borders of life and reality, borders that exceed the conventional sphere that intersubjectivity creates and attempts to preserve, you also “die” a metaphorical death once you attend said borders in an extensive seclusion. Your self and your consciousness go beyond the conventional sphere of “life” and “reality”, and become wider and more skeptic.

By giving in to skepticism, the skepticism philosophy demands, your day-to-day experiences may become different than you had them previously. You may realize that what is called “life” and “reality” are nothing more than similar neurological events happening in multiple brains - a definition that may well suit the term “intersubjectivity”.

By saying that these experiences may never be the same again, I mean that you may as well start to doubt the importance society grants them, and advocates for individuals to grant them as well. What society refers to as “reality”, “life” and as “important”, is nothing more than a common paradigm we teach ourselves to adept to, as a form of mental, connected socialization, so the collective identity will be preserved.

Thus, when you succumb to skepticism and let it guide your every move, you become metaphorically “dead”, because the qualia of your experiences gets hurt in the name of knowledge and of philosophical inquisition.

This constant philosopization of life had personally made me chose asceticism and to partially live like a hermit. This is because I have come to realize that much of the emotional and intellectual benefits society offers, can be created self-sufficiently, with the power of the conscious mind. This insight as also made me severely question the common belief of financial materialism many seem to follow.

Therefore, I not only stopped my university studies, but have also decided to have no ambition or plans whatsoever to my life that is generally ahead of me. This is because I have realized that no ambition nor achievement will make me happy and satisfied; only my conscious decision to generate thoughts that lead to happiness and satisfaction, is the only decision that can lead me to be satisfied and happy.

Thus, much of life’s variety and opportunity are basically useless and unnecessary, because, so I realized, thoughts are sufficiently enough for happiness and satisfaction. You don’t need to be highly respected and well-known; you don’t need to have a high-income job; you don’t need a romantic partner or even have a family of your own. All you need to be happy and satisfied is to make your subconsciousness generate happiness and satisfaction, through your conscious mind.