The Power of the Granted

The Power of the Granted

All things we possess, including money, do not longer increase our happiness once we get used to their existence in our lives.

Once we get used to things, they slowly but gradually become indifferent for us. We start to acknowledge their existence in our lives, until we forget the value we once granted them, making them possibly worthless in our eyes once we take away the gratefulness that existed in us once we received them for the first times.

The key to maintain our happiness lies within maintaining the initial gratitude and appreciation we used to have for the things we already possess. Getting more and more things we don’t require, just to be happy, is a waste of time and money, when you can create a mindset to preserve this gratitude and appreciation, free of charge.

That is the cycle of financial materialism - to chase after something that you think that exists in the new product you’re going to buy, just to not find it there anymore once you get used to said product, leading you to buy more and more products, just to maintain the initial happiness in a way that is actually counter-productive, because it leads to an addiction, and every addiction always leads to short-term happiness in quantity, and not to long-term happiness in quality.

This is why I know that even if I am to be rich, I will most likely become accustomed to rich-hood, until I will be, mentally, the same way I was before I was rich, making the quest for rich-hood counter-productive. The return to point 1, the point of no satisfaction, is inevitable unless you are to develop a mindset of satisfaction, regardless of your financial and social status.

Hence why I have chosen asceticism over hedonism - the joy already exists within the potential of our minds. Hedonists can live the way they do and rarely feel any joy beyond immediate pleasure of costly things; neither of these things are needed when you can teach your brain to release the chemicals that lead to your desired state of mind, through conscious thinking and alteration of your mindset.

Everything else is extra, not the essence; It is not the sauce, but the spaghetti, that makes the meal edible. The sauce is merely an addition, an extra taste, but without the spaghetti, the meal that is life won’t be edible, as you’ll try to eat it anyways because you were taught to do so.


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