Modernity and Unfairness

Modernity and Unfairness

It is because this world is based on three main values which are unfair, that makes the modern world complex and difficult for a lot of people worldwide: capitalism, alienation and fame. All these values are unfair because they promote inequality, corruption, injustice and apathy towards the unprivileged and the unfortunate, while those who are in opposite side of the exact set of values are more more privileged, merciful and fortunate. There is no justice in this world, simply because of the primitivity of the human nature. I shall further elaborate on the following three values.

· Capitalism: Capitalism is the most common type of economy in this world, which promotes free market and large wealth gaps between the rich and the poor. Those who are rich, or at least in the middle ground, have the fortune to survive and to prosper with minimal or to no instrumental worries. On the other hand, those who are poor are usually left unsupported or minimally supported by the governments. This is because capitalism does not promote welfare and social justice but personal wealth and economic progression. Those who are poor and incapable are usually left behind to suffer and to struggle, while the middle classes and the rich live their lives with a carefree attitude. It all depends on where you are in the equation. However, it is still a better option than communism, that is likely to bring poverty upon nations.

· Alienation: The idea of alienation have first aroused on a common basis since the beginning of the industrial revolution. With the modernization of technology, science, entertainment and industry, feelings of loneliness and lack of empathy towards each other have begun to emerge on a constant basis. Entire communities where disbanded in the name of modernity and personal success, slowly evolving a general feeling of apathy towards each other in a planet that becomes more and more populated and metropolitan. This apathy, which sometimes can be very cruel, is but a natural phenomenon in our technological world; a phenomenon that shall only thrive as we would become more technological and more disconnected from each other on the emotional level. Today it is unlikely that the neighbors would care about you, or the common pedestrian to help you in time of need. This is the age of the ego, and altruism becomes more “sacred’ not become it is sacred, but because it becomes less and less frequent in execution. Loneliness therefore becomes a common problem in the common first-world existence, and many people are questioning if their lives have any meaning, thus also leading to the common phenomenon of depression. It is only natural in the historical evolution humanity has set for its future and ideals.

· Fame: Even though apathy is a common theme in our urbanized times, the human being still remains tribal by nature. By calling the human “tribal” I mean that they have or search for a definitive social frame and belonging. Fame thus emerges when people feel they belong to the aura of the famous person or group, which also replace common sympathy and empathy for one another. The more famous a person is, the more they become favorable, and the more favorable they are, the more people gather around them and actually care for them even at the penetrative aspect. Stefan Karl Stefensson, a deceased famous actor, suffered from cancer, and received plenty of donations in order to support him. On the other hand, there are plenty of more people that suffer from unfortunate things, like cancer, starvation, extreme poverty and so forth - and they are barely being assisted or supported by the world, simply because they are not famous enough. This is why the famous may be more fortunate and loved than the infamous or the less known people - they have this “aura” around them that, allegedly, justifies them as being more worthy than other people.

This is our world, where the fortunate minority prospers over the less fortunate or the unfortunate majority. If there is something to blame, then it ought to be the human nature, which is the root of unfairness, corruption, power games and apathy, even though the said nature is not all that black, and of course possess some positive traits as well, such as kindness, altruism, consideration and so forth. Even with the injustice of today, let us not give in to negative bias.


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