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An Article About the World

I think this world is very weird, especially when you look at the world in the eyes of an autistic philosopher.

Philosophically, the fact that we just come into the world is weird. No one asked us whether or not we want to come into the world, and we are neither asked where or to which family to be born or which genes to possess - we just do, without making sure we permit. We are all forced to initially live until we may carry the courage to do otherwise, and venture into the complete and yet, inevitable, unknown.

What is even more stranger about this world is that we are demanded to meet up specific expectations - again, without caring about our consent - to behave appropriately, to do our homework, and later in life - to have a job and to raise our own family and repeat the same involuntary sequence we experienced ourselves.

And the thing is, no one tells us why all of these things are important. We are just told we require to do them in order to survive, even though we are not told exactly why surviving is important, let alone being born.

There are also many ceremonies and traditions the world maintains to preserve itself; minor or even grand events that we are required to follow and to repeat day after day and again - without telling us why exactly - because philosophical inquisition is largely tiring for most people, as I have witnessed myself when attempting to figure out the answers to the world’s absurdity.

Thus, when you think about it, this world is very weird, very mechanical, that always advocates us to do things, to experience and to achieve things, without necessarily telling us why are these things are important to be done, to be experienced and to be achieved.

When it does tell us, it always have to do about this vague definition of “success”. What is “success” exactly? How is it achievable? Why is it important to be achievable? The final result would be “to survive” - but why is it important to survive? What does “survival” even means?

We are born into the world and we are told to do things as if we already know their meaning and their purpose - except we largely don’t. I don’t know why I should live a social life; I don’t know why I should “open doors” to new opportunities; I don’t know why being in the age of 21 is important; I don’t know why I should continue to study after I finished school; I don’t know why romantic love is such an important feature in human life; I don’t know what it means to “be a man” when I’m already a man; I don’t know why it’s important to be happy; I don’t know why I should be rich when I prefer not to; I don’t even know why I should care about the personal and intimate happenings of famous people, let alone gossip about it to friends I don’t know why I should be having.

Given the absurdity of life, and the general pretentiousness that it isn’t - I find this world to be extremely weird. Because of this, I also find the world to be scary, because it seems that it doesn’t matter how much smart I will be regarded as, the world by large would still remain an absurd, illogical mystery to my autistic mind.