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The Philosophy of Infrastructure -- Why It's Imperative

Updated: Apr 30

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First Notes

Infrastructure can be defined as a system that is required for function. It's a very general idea, but one that we can all learn from. Infrastructure includes not only railroads and walkways, but also the systems within our own bodies, such as the blood system. As part of this site's Renovation Operation, you are also working on a network of links, both external and internal.

I also made a composition called "Website Metropolis", in dedication to infrastructure, a few years back. I'll link it in the end.

The Elementary Importance

Never underestimate the potential of a good infrastructure. Anything that contributes to a function, whether necessary or not, can still be considered a component of infrastructure. People can also be seen as infrastructure, especially in criminal organizations. This is why the term 'Human Resources' exists, as workers are part of a larger network meant to fulfill a function in exchange for payment. The salary received is the upkeep required to preserve the resource that is their service.

It would only make sense, then, that many workers have the mindset of a mercenary. The mercenary does things for money, just like anyone else. They are not necessarily psychotic or evil. They simply provide security, or even serve in a private army, to get paid. Just like many of you do. And yes, there are private military companies/armies in our world. I'll link a source for that.

We might have the mindset of mercenaries because the idea of doing it for the cash, or for a company's upkeep, is normalized. How many of you like your jobs? I know I didn't when I used to work as an office clerk. Those loyal enough to remain part of the greater infrastructure of the business they are in, beyond the money, and with dedication, are called salarymen.

I understand that work is often seen as just business, not personal. Emotionally attaching oneself to work is not necessary to make good use of it. Work is like infrastructure, meant to serve a purpose. If the upkeep of a job is not worth investing, workers may be let go. The decision to do so is not in the hands of the employee, but rather the employer. Similar to how a highway may be renovated or demolished, it's simply a business decision. Business doesn't always have to be personal to be effective or make sense.

There is also an approach called Urban Metabolism, that regards cities as living organisms. The reasonable worth of a body, such as a city, depends on its infrastructure. For instance, if your city lacks public transportation, it might not be as appealing as a city that demonstrates its care for those who don't drive. Similarly, if your city has a problematic sewer system, it can be quite unpleasant to live in such an apartment. These factors can be strong motivations to seek a better living environment and prefer a competitor city that strives to provide similar functions.

If you want to compete against your rivals, improving your relevant infrastructure is crucial. By doing so, you can enhance your effectiveness and outperform your competitors. This principle applies not only in business but also in racing. Just like being a bad runner will cause you to lag behind (if you are in a team), neglecting infrastructure improvements can hinder your progress. It's essential to prioritize infrastructure development to stay ahead of the competition.

Metabolism is the result of a well-functioning infrastructure. By increasing your metabolism, you may experience higher energy levels to accomplish tasks. Since 2022, I have lost dozens of kilograms with the intention of having more energy to work and perform better for you. For prioritizing a healthy lifestyle while managing your work responsibilities is key.

Networks and Us

I understand that not all humans are rational beings. While infrastructure may not aim to appeal to our emotions, it appeals to our rationale. I agree that improving rationality can be seen as boring compared to psychology, which also addresses our irrational aspects. Psychology may be more relevant to people because it encompasses both rational and irrational aspects of human behavior.

Not everyone may find organizing fleets of trucks exciting. However, the concept of efficiently delivering resources from point A to point B is indeed elementary and vital. It may not be glamorous, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of various industries. By having a well-organized system in place, we can ensure that resources reach their intended destinations in a timely manner, benefiting everyone involved. So, even though it may not be the most thrilling topic, it is important to recognize the value of a good system.

Aspiring to build a better system than what currently exists can grant individuals or organizations greater relevance in their respective niches. Throughout history, empires have thrived by continuously improving their systems, whether they were legal or illegal.

In the sources I'll provide right now, I'll link you to a video that explains this idea in the form of the mafia.

Additional Sources

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