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On Money

While it is ambiguous as to whether money brings happiness or not, it is certainly crucial for one’s survival in a civilization that largely depends on monetary gain and monetary spending in order to sustain our needs and desires. We as a civilization have become more materialistic because money is the capacity of our regular functioning, almost more than anything else. The more money we have, the more likely we will be able to function. Hence why there may be people that are more desperate for money than others — because they have a bigger need for money than other people.

The problem that I find in financial materialism comes when it surpasses other values, which in turn becomes either greed or corruption. When the desire for it becomes stronger than respectable and appreciated values such as compassion, understanding, tolerance, patience and so forth — that is where one’s dignity in the eyes of others may decrease with time, should they prefer excessive monetary gain than the pursuit of said values.

Money, while a need, can also create an unhealthy addiction to itself, as presented in cases such as gambling, bribery and the exploitation and/or deception of more naïve audiences. In order to not let the need for money become a desire-fueled addiction, we must become stronger in our ability to resist the temptation of further monetary gain, should that gain be less-than necessary, and/or even dangerous for our reputation, and/or our freedom from being imprisoned due to money-fueled crimes.

Therefore, should we be able to surpass, at times, the need/desire for monetary gain in the name of societal and personal decencies, we will be able to preserve our discipline, strength and self-respect in a world that is likely to become even more financially-materialistic at nature.

Don’t let the pursuit of money become counter-productive to your day-to-day endeavors, by becoming more resilient to its unhealthy and/or illegal temptations, and you may be able to become its master instead of its servant; a master that uses money for the sake of survival, instead of becoming someone whose life is based on the gain of maximum revenue at the price of decencies.