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"Power is Everything" -- What is Power? (Also, Philosocom's Subcategory on Power)

Updated: Jul 10

A strong man.


After going on once again to the depths of the internet, I have encountered a thought-triggering quote from a series of video games I watched.

"Power is everything". It was said by a character called Jin Kazama from Tekken (I wrote some articles on Tekken before).

When people think of power, I wager they usually think of monetary wealth, political power, respect and authority. However, these are not the only ways which one can get power, for there are many ways in which power could be achieved.

What is power? Power is whatever resource or resources required for success to be achieved. You don't have to be a wealthy politician or an "alpha male/female" in order to be powerful. Ultimately, it all depends on the goal you have in hand, and what requires getting it. Power can be expressed in different ways, direct or otherwise.

In a sense, power is indeed everything because everything is made of energy, and energy is, ultimately, power. However, it's not only of scientific nature, such as physical prowess, wind or electricity.

It is also intelligence, authority, and people. What made humanity reach its technological peak was, in the end, the collaboration of many people, and their competition on what they see as their success.

In theory, everything and everyone can be used as power, if it serves the progress towards success. That is because you need power to be accomplished, even if by personality at the very least. This, however, leads to the temptation of disposability; of getting rid of those who have helped you along the way, once they are no longer useful. This is the cruel side of this philosophy, found within the Jin Kazama's quote.

Power is everything, but not eternal, because nothing is, in fact, eternal. Like batteries, they may run out, and then, if there is no way to recharge them, the sad fact is that some people would choose to dispose of it, since they have now become but a waste of space, and for some, a waste of time.

I have my own way of power. A power that can always be applied and thus is recyclable, and that power I have learned from the Rubinshtein Clan philosophy.

I simply call it, kindness. When you're kind to other people, they will appreciate you more and will be willing to help you. Being kind pays off, and this kind of power is free. All it requires is to give up the short-sighted temptation to get rid of people you do not need at the present time. Betray their trust and they can be vengeful like I was, which can be unwise for you.

This is not manipulation, nor an attempt of arrogance; this is sincerity; honesty; goodwill. It's what my clan told me is missing in this world, which led them to the decision to originally call me Tom, which means "purity" in Hebrew. "Tom-Lev" is an expression in that language which means "pure of heart", and so I was educated to act and behave in this way. In Latin it is known as Bona Fide.

And indeed, what I represent and subscribe to, is the idea of the raw power of purity. Those who are more evil or malicious in their hearts, will not follow this path, but those who have true good in them, will. This is how I built my follower-base -- by being pure of heart and showing goodwill when goodwill is due.

If I am to be tough or uncaring, it's because I still try to maintain the difference between the professional and personal worlds within me. As such, I will be kinder and more considerate to people I am in closer contact with. People whom I use their help, and readership in general, a bit less.

Some people get their power through immense wealth. Others, through smug manipulation. I strive to get my own power in this world, by being good and doing good. With it, I will leave an impact on it, in a form of a legacy, and hopefully, it will contribute to the world, and bring better to it, even after my death.

I am Tomasio Rubinshtein, the pure-hearted anti-villain. With my words I will show those who misunderstood me, that they were wrong in their estimation of me, and that I am full of good, and ultimately – am a relevant person.

Nothing more in this life brings me such joy as contributing to the goodness of the world in the way I am good at it: By writing articles such as this and creating partnerships, alliances, followings, and friendships with any good person who comes my way. And those who will condemn or reject me may one day understand they were wrong about their incorrect estimation of the man and professional I can be.

Who said power must be all about manipulation and backstabbing? These are but minor features in the very thing that surrounds the entire world -- energy, both physical and abstract. I hunger for power not for the sake of power but because it is the inevitable method for the success that I seek.

I once thought that I should not seek it, but that was before I was exposed to the power of online writing; when I thought I could live in even more extreme isolation than I'm currently in.

It was before when I realized that power is, in a way, everything. It is the inevitable resource -- whatever resource it specifically is -- to achieve your goals.

And I know that, as long as I act and bring good to this world, no one has any reason to stand in my way.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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