On Freedom

On Freedom

Unlimited freedom is impossible, as things and beings obey the rules of logic and science (for example: you cannot teleport because this technology isn’t available at this current era), but beyond these Two Rulers you are able to do whatever you wish in life, only that you are highly recommended to be aware of the consequences of your actions, for without this awareness you can doom yourself and your available and potential liberties. This is why the law should also be considered as if it was a part of the Two Rulers, since even if one can commit deeds against it, one shouldn’t, because it can easily tear your life apart, so it shouldn’t be doubted unless you have a good reason to, like that of your own conscience. Apart from this, law should be considered a part of the Two Rules even though it isn’t.

Apart of these circumstances, you are able to do as you wish, especially when you reach adulthood and you are legally not a juvenile, i.e, at the responsibility of your parents or guardian. Not only you have more freedom as an adult, but you are likely to be less pressured by your parents/guardian and a formal authority like school, to tell you what you need to do.

You can also limit the freedom of others using your freedom, but the level of limitation you are able to do depends on the situation. Telling someone to come over here is not a severe limitation of freedom, but kidnapping is, and will eventually result in the loss of your freedom as the hostage’s redemption.

The degree of freedom, while not unlimited, depends on your specific capabilities. An “average” person has the freedom to walk, but a wheelchair-handicap cannot. Unfortunately, money is also a part of this, because if you can’t, for example, buy food, you’ll have to steal it and risk your freedom, while the freedom of a food buyer will stay the same.

But all and all, if you’re not limited by an incapability, lack of money or logic and science (and law) - you are basically free to do as you wish, but just be aware of the consequences of your actions, for they can harm your current level of freedom if they’ll be overlooked.


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