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How To Use Logic to "Read the Room" -- Ratigan's Song Analysis ("The Great Mouse Detective")

Updated: Feb 13

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(2023 Note: Now that I compared myself to other autists, I've realized I have Asperger's Syndrome, which can be considered part of ASD, or the Autism Spectrum Disorders. I, however, am no longer sure if I am indeed an autist, even though I was diagnosed with both Asperger's and ASD. Please, take this article with a grain of salt, as I expect you to do, with any of my articles).

Some may say that autistic people can't understand social situations. Some might claim, that since we are autistic, then there are certain things that are hidden from us.

However, being a diagnosed autist myself, I disagree that we cannot discover them. I disagree because disabled people, including autistic people, can still endure, navigate, and understand the world they are in.

Let me give you an example using a certain video. A villain's theme song from the movie "The Great Mouse Detective".

After this, my hope is that my readers will better understand the concept of autism. We may lack interpersonal understanding by default.... Who says we can't learn? There's a reason special education exists.

To give some background, the villain in question, Professor Ratigan, is a deceiver, a backstabbing egomaniac.

He's also one of the few Disney villains to actually be a criminal, a kingpin of sorts. I'm not a psychologist at all, but I would not be surprised if the character is a psychopath.

In the movie, Ratigan's goal is to take over a kingdom of mice by deceiving the Queen's subjects. He extorts a toymaker to make a replica of said Queen by kidnapping his daughter.

The point of the robotic replica is to create the illusion that she coronates Ratigan, as the new king of Mousedom.

One of Ratigan's greatest weaknesses in the movie is that he's a rat that pretends to be a mouse. He really hates that he's not a mouse.

However! He knows that weakness well and uses it to better understand the nature of his henchmen. Watch how:

His theme song, "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind", tells of his biggest scheme yet: usurping Mousedom. He glorifies himself, his intellect, and so on. That, too, has a purpose.

To celebrate his greatest scheme, he and his henchmen share some drinks as they praise him as well.

A certain minion, however, gets very, very drunk. As the gang tells Ratigan how unique and grand he is, that minion says:

"To Ratigan, the world's greatest RAT!"

The whole lair is shocked, for he spoke the truth! The open secret! Ratigan was so surprised(?) that he asked him, "What did you call me?"

The gang tries to save that minion's life! "It was a slip of the tongue!", one said. "You're a mouse, a big mouse!", another said.

But nope. Bart the minion has gone and upset Ratigan. He told the truth, so it was too late for him...

(Just like a certain philosopher and site owner, said to a certain lady on Valentine's Day, 2014... hahaha)

For his honesty, Bart's fate was getting eaten by Ratigan's giant cat. Oi vey! By the way, it's a children's movie.

Many comments I read on the theme song really, really missed the mark! None of what I read contains the logic I found in that video. Allow me to explain.

Do you want to better understand a person? Simply invite him or her to the bar! Have a few drinks.

No. I've never been to a bar. No, I was never drunk. I think I am smarter than losing sobriety.

It is all because of a certain saying in Hebrew......

Those who are not sober, might say things they will regret saying. I don't need to be drunk to know that. Can we truly say, then, that knowledge is purely gained by experience? Can we truly say that empiricism always prevails over rationalism? Must we travel to North Korea to know that we shouldn't travel there?

A certain philosophy professor I sometimes speak with said to me this:

"It does not matter how knowledge is gained, as long as one has that knowledge".

And all these commenters had experiences of their own! Experiences that you and I might not have had as individuals. And I'm pretty sure that not all the video's viewers are on the autism spectrum, either.

And yet, none of what I managed to read has revealed this song's hidden truth. For they had not what I might have: The memory of that saying in Hebrew: Wine gets in, secrets get out!

It's just an assumption, I don't even know the video's commenters.

I am just surprised that I, the one who rarely goes out; The one who never got drunk... got the conclusion:

"The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" is an orchestrated test of loyalty!

And I'm the one who does not understand others!

Remember! Autists can still understand other people, real or fictional! All it takes is good reasoning, and study! Reasoning can be improved, and studying can be done!

I've been Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein -- thanks for reading!

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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