The World Beyond the Mind

The World Beyond the Mind

To be objective is to be pure of opinions, beliefs, emotions and narrated thinking, for all these concepts are the creation of our subjective consciousness. Can one be truly objective, i.e, absent of opinions, beliefs, emotions and narrated thinking? Can humans really be devoid of any projection of conscious subjectivity? I highly doubt it.

However, regardless of whether or not subjective entities like humans can or cannot be purely objective, objectivity does exist, but it exists outside of our consciousness. For those that claim otherwise - there is a reality outside our experiential projections, since there could be agents that affect our lives whether we are aware of them or not. The dead body we may see on the water is not dependent on our experience; it is dependent on the murderer that killed it and threw it onto the water, or any other cause that lead it float in the water that we may or may not know or be aware of. Even if we are not to look at the water and notice the floating corpse, it still may be there.

Another thing: the same evidence could lead to different oriented conclusions. The problem is that many people believe their conclusions are objective as the evidence they have from reality, and thus self-deception and deception in general are generated. I could assume that the floating corpse is a result of a murder, but even if that assumption is likeable to be true, it still does not make it entirely true. Logic can lead to different conclusions that may deceive one, even if logic is a tool of clarification. Ideologies and religions are a creation of logic, but it is still not enough to make them objectively existent. This is because ideologies and religions are tools of subjectivity, even if they are logical by their nature.

Thus, I don’t really think humans, including me, are capable of pure objectivity, for we are constructs of not only our personal experience, but also of culture and norms. How can we able to decipher which personal experience or culture is the most objective of all the other experiences and cultures? When we feel good about something, we may be certain that we feel that something is indeed going to be good. However, other people could feel the exact opposite about the same potential thing. Before that thing is to be happened, how can we know whose emotion is the most accurate and true? The problem is that we can’t know. The same thing goes for any religion and ideology.

We, however, can assume that the faith or belief we hold is the most objective of all possible other religions and ideologies that ever existed or that shall exist in the future. But still, it is assumption, created by the chains and the jail bars that are our individual and collective consciousness. We therefore cannot truly know what is true and what is false even if we are to feel confident about it most of the time; we can only know objectivity when it occurs by concrete evidence which is independent of subjective narration and orientation. I can know that the card I’ve shown to the identification machine has effectively opened the door, because the door was opened by the identifying machinery. There is no need in any faith or ideology in order for the door to be opened by the card. I could have the exact opposite assumption, but still show the card to the machine (because of self-doubt, because of boredom, regardless of the intention), and if the machine is properly functional it would operate the required mechanism for the door to be opened.

To be objective is to be purely physical, like a zombie with no consciousness. There is nothing more contradictive, paradoxical, deceiving and manipulating “material” like our consciousness. However, like democracy, there is no greater solution to the definition of sentience, than this “material”. At the same time we could have remained insentient, like zombies or bugs, and still survive. However, for larger and efficient cooperation to be held, we have developed sentience. There is nothing more cooperative-orienting than the mental projection of a shared idea, whether or whether not that idea is purely objective. If we view that idea as evident - than this idea, as a shared idea, even if it is a mere illusion, has still fulfilled its purpose.

Can we pass the barrier of subjectivity into the purely objective dimension which we all are present in, to transcend beyond our tribal and mental subjectivity? I am unsure, but the ambition itself of doing so, of being undead, is an exalted one in my opinion.


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