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Why I Fear Disrespect of Family

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A big city.

(2023 Note: Now that I compared myself to other autists, I've realized I have Asperger's Syndrome, which can be considered part of ASD, or the Autism Spectrum Disorders. I, however, am no longer sure if I am indeed an autist, even though I was diagnosed with both Asperger's and ASD. Please, take this article with a grain of salt, as I expect you to do, with any of my articles).

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We all have different families; some of them allow a safer future, and some of them, abuse you. Therefore, due to the different natures of different families, I can only speak of my own, nuclear family, in this article.

My childhood was a very happy one, even though I cried a lot due to sensitivity. My parents, although divorced, made sure that my childhood will be a happy one. Sometimes there were clashes, and sometimes I cried, but ultimately, it was their will that I will live and grow happily.

When my parents divorced, they still made the necessary arrangements, to ensure that I will still be in contact with my dad, while still living with my mother.

My parents weren't the best, and they weren't the richest, but those mean little for me, when they tried their best to make me a happy boy, despite the different struggles we faced. My autism wasn't known then, so it was more difficult for people to understand me, including my parents. Sometimes there were conflicts, sometimes I would be mocked, but in the end all of these were ATONED for.

And because of this -- of ATONEMENT for disrespect, is why I couldn't disrespect my parents for years. I once called my dad a very bad word, and to this day I feel shameful whenever I think of this situation. It is thanks to them showing their atonement for wrong deeds, that I still hold them both in high regard, even though they are imperfect in their own ways.

And it is thanks to their general goodwill, to make my life a happy one, that I myself wish to spread goodwill to the world as well.

To all my readers, constant and inconstant, I want you to read my site out of your own will. After all, philosophy is essentially the desire, or love, of wisdom. This is why I don't ask anything else in return, even though you are still given the abilities to donate, comment and leave testimonials. None are mandatory, as one would expect.

Whenever I see a person insulting their parents, or at least being disrespectful towards them... it conflicts with my morality. It does so, because raising children isn't something that is easy. I might not have children of my own, but I do know that my mom was depressed after my birth, and that the fact that I spoke at a late age, only made things more difficult.

I never minded the fact that they were divorced eventually. After all, not only it was a mutual choice, but I still got to have them both in my life to this day. This is not a result every divorce ends up in. My mother's family was poor because money was spent on lawyers instead of food, or so I heard; Due to my mother's difficult childhood, she made sure I will have the parents she never had.

Because of all these reasons, I don't really see a reason to disrespect my family, even though I may still criticize them. It's not only that they made me, but also the fact that they have educated me to be more virtuous in behaviour, and strive above all, to try and be happy.

In Hebrew we have a certain word that combines fear and respect. That's what I feel towards my parents in general.

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