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How We Are Decieved By Many Ulterior Motives

Updated: May 11

External Reasons

For many reasons, we do not see reality as it is. If we do not uncover these reasons, we will remain blind to reality. This is because things are not always as they seem. We may be deceived by our own eyes, and we are often deceived by people with ulterior motives.

Our perception of reality is distorted by people with ulterior motives. For example, megacorporations, such as Disney, partially own the History Channel. They also own many other companies that you may not be aware of. These corporations have a vested interest in shaping public opinion in a way that benefits them.

Another way that our perception of reality is distorted is through trolling. Trolling is the act of insulting and harassing others online. It is often used to change public opinion or to sow discord. There are even professional trolls who are paid to do this work.

Finally, deepfake technology is being developed that can be used to create fake videos and audio recordings. These deepfakes can be used to deceive people into believing things that are not true.

In light of these threats to our perception of reality, it is important to be critical of the information that we consume. We should not simply believe everything that we see or hear. We should question the sources of information and be aware of the potential for bias. We should also be aware of the ways that our emotions can be manipulated.

By being critical consumers of information, we can help to protect ourselves from being deceived. We can also help to create a more informed and engaged public.

You may say that being rational is boring and that studying logic is boring. However, in order to avoid deception, we should be more rational. Anyone and anything can trick us, including ourselves. Do not forget this.

Do not trust anyone or anything completely. If you do, you will mistake delusion for knowledge. This is why Socrates is important: because he admitted his ignorance. And from ignorance, philosophy begins. Basically, the attempt to understand reality.

And as I joked before, there is no need to be so sensitive, because for many, it is just business. The business of deceiving you while being undercover. For who? For the right price, anyone can be hired for anything. Mercenaries are not only extra security or bounty hunters. With the mindset of a mercenary, anyone would do anything for some cash. And the thing is, billions of people might as well have that mindset. The mindset of not caring about moral depravity as long as money is gained.

Why do you think some of us do not like being exposed? The lower we remain below the radar, the less things can be traced back to us. Shell corporations are such an example. They are companies that exist only on paper and may be used legally or illegally. Criminals may use it for tax evasion, money laundering, and so on. I am learning all of those myself, and I am willing to continue learning.

Because of deception, people might become paranoid, even when they shouldn't. Because their loyalty has been betrayed before, they remain suspicious of others.

I am not telling you that you should be paranoid. I am telling you not to believe everything you see and to put things into greater consideration. I am no longer a naive man because naivety quickly deceives.

(I also intend to write about the mercenary mindset in the future. I asked someone I know a few questions about it to make sure).

People deceive for many reasons, dear readers. They may conceal their true intentions, make you the butt of their jokes, or influence public opinion by being biased and twisting the facts.

In high school, I participated in a national public speaking contest and reached the finals in Jerusalem. I'm afraid that rhetoric is a great way to manipulate others. The reason I deliver good public speeches is because I studied rhetoric in school, both privately and in class. Thanks to a certain teacher, I now know how easy it is to alter people's perceptions.

The truth is not always interesting because certain people have no desire to be honest. A better world would be one where people are more honest. However, people have their own priorities. We may be more honest with ourselves, but it might not always be a good idea. It depends on our lives.

Honesty has been an obstacle in my path for many years. The love of my life rejected me because of it, and I have no desire for her to come back. Honesty also made people insult me, and so on. I also lost at least one ally because of this.

However, as I come to understand reality better, I really see no reason to play the victim, even if it's in my own eyes.

I don't have any desire to conceal or pretend, but I'm afraid I can't keep a promise to forever stay clear of it. After all, people may also lie unconsciously. Lie unconscionably to themselves, as well.

I do promise, however, that I will try to be far less biased from now on. I promise to try to look at the general picture. And not glorify a small part of it while minimizing the rest.

I've made my mistakes. I now seek redemption.

Here are some sources for you.

Thanks for reading.

Note: I am becoming less fatigued. It's why my ability to research information has grown significantly lately.

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