The Meaning of Life, Rubinshteinic Edition

The Meaning of Life, Rubinshteinic Edition

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

To live is to breathe, eat, drink, sleep and the rest of the physiological functions of an organism, which are usually universal to all organisms. This is the meaning of living.

However, you can ask, “what am I here?” Well, you are here because you were born successfully, and didn’t die, yet. That’s all to it, really.

There is nothing really fascinating about the meaning of life when these truths are acknowledged. The rest of your life’s meaning is either up to you or dictated by the social norms of your culture.

None of us, I believe, can really see into the extremely distant past to the first point where humankind was first created or evolved, and how can one truly trust ancient documents that may not only contradict each other, but also can be inaccurate and even completely wrong?

Life is an existence into a grand non-existence of void. The grand majority of the universe is devoid of sentient lifeforms. We only have our own selves within our only sapient solitude. This is why we created shared illusions such as “norms”, “rules”, “cultures”, “morality” and “religions” - to keep us away from the meaninglessness, to keep us distracted from venturing into the emptiness and purposelessness of this reality, which is the only concrete reality known to us. Sorry to break it up to you, everything is earthly.

What you do have, however, is your own freedom to grant your life a meaning. The possibilities of this granting are limitless like the universe itself. You don’t even have to follow a certain social dogma in order to define a meaning into your own existence. The term “meaning” may be subjective and subjectivity is liberty. We are subjective beings, and therefore we are liberated even if we were to be put in a cage. No one can take our freedom of creating and managing our own mindsets within the isolation of the individual consciousness.

It is just a matter of exercise, and that exercise of internal freedom is best handled while alone, away from cultural distractions being imposed on you as “truths”. Why should one see cultural values as “true” if they subjective constructs, i.e, made by other people?

You are the creator of your own meaning. That specific meaning doesn’t have to be true to other people. Meaning is a customized engine for the vehicle that is the life-force of the individual. You better be equipped with this kind of engine, or else you may risk falling into the depths of depression and nihilism.

Of course we live in a voidful universe, but it doesn’t mean we have to be hollow, too. We are different from the rocks and the star dusts; we are self-conscious creators, with our minds being the multi-purpose key to whatever we may choose to do with it and to design it.


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