Universal Lonerhood - We All May Be Loners

Universal Lonerhood - We All May Be Loners

We are all loners, because we are all alone. Let me explain.

Loners are beings which are continuously alone, distinct from togetherness. When you are alone, you are separated from other beings.

However, we are always separated from each other. Even if we are to be put in a very small room, we would be still each on their own, because our individuality logically makes us separated from each other. The fact that my consciousness is not your consciousness, leads to the conclusion that we are alone, i.e, separated, from each other.

The desert does not exist. It is only a collective imagery of grains of sand, which are, too, separated from each other. The fact that they are separated from each other, proves that they are alone even if they are to be categorized as “desert”. The same applies to human collectives. Even if we are to constantly interact and socialize with each other, we still remain detached from one another.

Loners, too, are detached from each other. Therefore, we are all loners by logic. There is no actual entity named “society” placed in the World Beyond The Mind. The World Beyond The Mind is a world composed of individual atoms, connected with each other only through interaction, but not through being. Communication, too, is an illusion, embodied only through sensual symbolism we were taught throughout our lives, as our graduation to the collective Mental Dimension. The fact that we are constantly in communication with each other, does not make us into a one, individual being.

Thus, according to this logic it is inevitable to come into the conclusion that we are all alone due to our distinction, physical separation and individuality, and thus we are all loners. Togetherness does not exist in the World Beyond The Mind. There may be constant interaction in this world, but it does not automatically leads to its individuation. Where objects are built and collapsed, the atoms remain. The same goes for us individuals and the collectives we form in the Mental Dimension.

This is my and my philosophy, Solitary Individualism, definition of “loner”.


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