The Dangers of a "Mind-Net"

The Dangers of a "Mind-Net"

Imagine the internet, but instead of visual data, it would be composed of thoughts.

Instead of writing or videoing, people would be able to know directly what you’re thinking, and these thoughts would be saved in this new internet for all to see, or to hack. Instead of writing or speaking, all one would have to do is to think, as a direct way to transfer information to the whole world.

Imagine people spying on your thoughts every day, every minute, like some people could spy on you and me in this internet.

This new technology would be named Mind-Net, and it would break the final frontier of our privacy, of our stream of consciousness which we choose not to share with the world.

With the power of Mind-Net, nothing would be private anymore. Every thought would be heard or seen, potentially, by millions if not billions of people. There would be nothing else to hide, even if you attempt to hide it.

This is what can potentially become with a technology we have today, called Brain-Machine Interface; a technology capable of transferring thoughts into actions and orders. Some handicapped people use it, some scientists, but so was the computer that became a basic product for many across the globe.

There should be a limit on how much we let technology invade our lives. The evolution of man-machine interface into mind-net can mean that there would be nothing more to protect from invasive inspection by everyone.

Do we really want to be so technologically advanced at the cost of the final frontier of our privacy? Everything on the internet can be penetrated by different means of hacking; everything, beside what we refuse to share, record and write on our computers, which is our unspoken thoughts.

Technology, when too advanced, can be very dangerous. It may be dangerous today, too, but a potential Mind-Net can mean the end to our privacy and disconnection from the media.

With such unspeakable power over humanity, nothing else would be hidden from view. Technology should be restricted!


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