The Mind and the Mental Dimension

The Mind and the Mental Dimension

Updated: Feb 13

What if the collection of components we call “mind” is, in itself, physical? Thoughts are neurology, emotions are biochemistry and so forth. Every mental occurrence is a result of a physical occurrence inside our bodies and from interaction with other bodies.

Still, not every physical component leads to a mental occurrence. Therefore it is my conclusion that our bodies are more evolved physical substances, which are complex enough to create the non-concrete illusion which is the Mental Dimension. Our bodies are gates to this special dimension, unseen and uncreated by any object, besides ourselves, which is inanimate.

I believe that the Mental Dimension was created in us by evolution in the name of creating massive social networks which shall, and did, ensured our superiority over less complex species. The entire point of this Mental Dimension is to develop our social skills and coherence in the name of world domination. The cost, however, of this evolution, is the inability to specifically differ between objective and subjective, truth and lie, real and illusionary, external and internal. In that way, our access to the Mental Dimension is constantly deceiving us in the name of obedience to those who struggle for power, as they define to us what is right and true and what is false and wrong. It doesn’t matter if those social authorities are correct or incorrect - as long as we hold their opinion as well, without questioning it, they shall determine and dominate our positions in the abstract Mental Dimension.

We indeed can only know things through our mind. Our mind is both our blessing and curse, our greatest strength that lead us to dominate this globe, and our greatest weakness when we are to act as independent individuals. Those who create the system of beliefs in our minds and direct it in accordance to their desire for power and authority - shall have the access gained through the Mental Dimension, to be one of the many tiny and enormous heads which administrate the globe by its social molecules, which only exist in the Mental Dimension.

The mind is a construct of highly advanced and highly complex matter; it is a brew of interactions with the physical and inter-subjective environments, and an ascending pillar of our individual identities. The thing is, that the mind is an illusion, and illusions do not exist. The words that you are reading - they have no purpose in the world beyond our minds; they are but a mere shapes covering a screen and a page. Because society is a construct of our minds, society does not exist, either. It’s all an illusion.

The matter beyond our bodies has meaning, but not necessarily a purpose, for purpose, too, is a creation of animation. Matter exist because it had a predecessor, which is, too, matter, but it wasn’t designed for a specific purpose. Purpose, too, has no physical embodiment beyond mentality’s selection.

Our minds are designed by authorities figures and entities in order to ensure collective survival and dominance. However, in this world where our survival is already granted as long as we have sufficient money, there is no need anymore to be deceived. As I said many times before - you do not need to be in an emotional bondage with the grocery’s clerk in order to purchase food and drink. This Age of Alienation has granted us the possibility of liberating ourselves while ensuring our survival through financial means. Mental deception is no longer needed in a world dictated by materialistic and egotistical motivations. This is the time for mental freedom with the use of philosophizing.

Philosophizing is the antagonist of inter-subjective mentality. Where inter-subjectivity built, philosophy ruins and reforms; Where inter-subjectivity narrows, philosophy broadens; Where inter-subjectivity darkens in a womb of safety, absolution and validity, philosophy lights your vision with a sharp white, which hurts like layers of onion as their protection of illusions gradually fades, until nothing is seen. Society is the layers of onion, covering nothing and presenting it as grand and exalted.

Thus, if we are to know matter, as the matter which exists beyond the manipulation of the Mental Dimension, we are to philosophize until The Great Void is revealed; until we come to an understanding that it is Nothing that reigns over the pure Physical Dimension over beyond the cages of the minds.


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