Loneliness as an Issue of Void

Loneliness as an Issue of Void

Updated: Feb 22

The increasing connectivity in the world doesn’t mean it will permanently solve the personal problem of loneliness. You can go into chatrooms and forums all day long, but as long as no contact of depth has been established, combating loneliness through socializing remains ineffective.

Loneliness is a result of a void that we have inside of us, and superficial communication with others, even if consistent, is insufficient on the quest to decrease our loneliness. It can be compared to a huge hole being filled by tiny amounts of earth.

Since we live in an era where superficiality and simplicity reigns supreme amongst the general public, one is faced with two solutions to the problem of loneliness — either accept the superficiality of others and not depend our need for depth on others, or attempt to combat said superficiality through the attempt of creating one or more social circles that encourage and nurture the element of depth.

Another contemporary element should be considered — alienation. No longer we are as connected to those around us like at the times before the industrial and digital revolutions, making the search for interpersonal depth even more difficult. We may barely know our neighbors, not communicate a lot with our families even during family gatherings and so forth.

Take myself as an example of the first solution from the forth paragraph — I myself have mostly superficial relationships with the people around me, but because I managed to generate depth from within, the need for others to do so for me has vanished.

If we are to accept the increasing and the encouraged superficiality of those around us, then we can be on the path of creating the desired depth from within our times of seclusion.

We are facing the arrival a new age, audience — the Age of Solitude. The problem of loneliness is only going to be increased in a world where meaningful and deep connections with others will become less and less common due to the dominance of mainstream entertainment, built to feed its finances on the wide notion of how easy simplicity is for many of us to remain in.

We can thus conclude that loneliness is not a social problem, but a personal one; a problem caused by the void of depth existing in our lives, and no amount of interaction is going to solve it as long as interactions with others will largely remain superficial and away from its philosophical notion.

Another conclusion can be taken into consideration as well — the decreasing presence of philosophizing in and towards our lives can also be considered a factor into the increasing phenomenon of loneliness, because without the notion of philosophizing, our lives will be likely to remain superficial and devoid of meaning and/or feelings of accomplishment.

Develop and nurture yourself within your seclusion, and you may become like a self-reliant machine; an Enduring Pillar in a civilization where the notion of depth is decaying.


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