On the Importance of Rules

On the Importance of Rules

If there were no rules, there would be no cooperation, and without cooperation, there would be no advanced technology, and without that, there would be much less humans in the world.

Instead there would only be small bands of people, controlled by their leaders not through law but by prowess and intimidation, and perhaps there would be the opposite kind as well, bonded by friendship. There would be also no security beyond the capability of your and your band’s self defense, and no money, finance would be useless in a world vacant of corporations.

But the thing is, that if we didn’t have any rules at all, we would resume being in the stone age to this day, for without limitation there is no motivation to do anything in and for a large society, preventing from larger societies to even exist and be governed, for without government there would be no large-scale growth from a large-scale potential.

But even if there wouldn’t be rules, they would have to eventually exist in this parallel world, both to perverse and grow the membership in the many small bands, and motivate said members to keep their loyalty to the same band and to contribute to it, either through fear of punishment or through hope of justice being served to traitors, thieves and other people that can easily become targets of vengeance who will beg for redemption and serve an example to others from not committing the same deeds against the bodies of authority.

The inevitably of laws being made to maintain and grow small bands into communities would eventually lead the same world we have now; a world governed by local and global law enforcement organizations, to preserve the status quo and to persecute those who harmed it. With the growth of communities comes the bigger extraction of collective potential, leading to advanced technology in various fields, that in turn have brought us mostly free from the death’s dangers and the same time can bring us much closer to it once said laws are to be tremendously broken, especially the global ones.

Therefore, it can be concluded that rules, even if undesired, were, are and crucial for the development and preservation of humanity, whether or not these rules were just or non-benevolent. If there was a theoretical "purge", where all laws were temporarily abolished, society as a whole would devolve significantly due to the deaths of countless people.


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