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Demonstrations: Transparency, Common Goals, Power and Influence: (By Mr. M. Svartgold)

Updated: Feb 14

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A group that has political opinions, common goals, social issues, race, sex, religion,

must take into account that it can create social division and negatively affect other groups. To facilitate and help the majority of society, I will give Israel as an example. The Israeli people must state what they are protesting for, as it can help, long-term, in treating said problems.

Creating transparency before the demonstration will help her receive compassion and empathic treatment. When there are traffic jams outside, the protestors must show that despite the difficulties on the roads, the goal outweighs the struggle. People at the demonstrations are eager to explain the benefit of the law versus its harm.

For example: If the group has a feminist agenda, they better explain the benefit of women getting equally paid as men. Explain the attitude of men to women today and the attitude of women in the past, and so on. Should they not explain themselves properly, their agenda won't be as clear.

How would the main goal be achieved? What change do you want to create for women in society? What does a law mean? For better and for worse, who will benefit from the endeavors?

What benefit will arise from this? In the case of feminists, they need to explain that should their agenda succeed, the woman can be more independent from men and family, whether marriage is suitable for her or not. Without fear of the financial damage. Less violence from possessive men (economic as well), and so on.

Clarify your intentions, state your expectations. The same goes for any group with socio-political intentions.

Need to think about how to channel this law? How to help more women succeed? What came of it? What are the downsides, and explain the disadvantage, even if it sounds negative. We need to present the big picture in roder to reduce bias. There will always be someone who will think differently from the protesting group and this will cause chaos and division and other temptations.

The goal is to think outside the box and unite together in common goals. All in order to either keep or change the current state of things.

Another, opposite example: Laws made to take care of the interests of Knesset officials and white collar workers. Laws that will prevent punishment since the courts will not supervise the executive branch (AKA, the juicidal overhaul revolution).

Such laws can make a minister in the Knesset to be able to influence for the ultra-Orthodox, and give them more funds for their children and their studies, in exchange for the ultra-Orthodox support and approval. That is while secular people without children will have to survive without the aid that comes.

The benefit of their aid to officials can influence to damage the status of LGBTQ+ by determining that until they go to conversion treatments, they will not receive the medical treatment they require.

Another benefit to said officials that has already happened is the choice that a person who owns one apartment can purchase a second apartment at a low price. That's while there are citizens without their own apartment. This is how the financial power of the rich and ultra-Orthodox grew: At the expense of blue-collar and secular citizens, singles/without children.

The ultra-orthodox have no intention of caring about the individual as a secular one. This is how they observe the comendmnet of pru urvu and encourage childbirth in their own sector. While the individual gets caught up in all the expenses if he stays alone without a relationship or family.

The goals are not shared. Each group takes care of itself. And this is particularly harmful to the

individual, who is minor in comparison. Since the government does not have all the money and it will not be possible to audit the Knesset, it is not possible to see who is using the money for their own needs. And to his family's ways or his own opinions.

Also, another example is that the problems of the planet can cause the government policy to

seek to reduce the birth rate. Which will cause religious people to hurt secular people or individuals, as they have more children than the latter demographic.

It can be concluded regarding demonstrations that transparency of information is very important also in connection with demonstrations that creates a rationale. And a greater and positive influence on the part of the people. When the goal is specific, it is focused and not scattered, and the motive and logic in the demonstration can be understood. This can be done by flyers. informational campaigns. Signage and common motive.

I am glad you read what I wrote. Thank you for understanding.

Extra note:

There is such a thing as psychological warfare. Like in the movie called Gaslight. where the wife believes what her husband tells her about himself. In addition, unwillingness to cooperate, by hiding information from the public that is perceived as insufficent from the Knesset, can endanger civilians so they don't have knowledge which is their power. By a paucity of information, more lies can be marketed as truth.

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