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Curses As Realistic

Updated: May 25

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The idea that a curse is some kind of magical spell executed by wizards or witches is a false belief, that is likelier to exist in tales of fiction than in realities. While the notion of curse is not universal, some people are indeed "cursed" in some way or another, with them not being able to do anything about it. Whether be it an illness, a permanent circumstance or an illness that cannot be cured, the idea of "being cursed" is more realistic than some may think, simply due to existence being flawed, and what are curses, if not the very representatives of this flawed universe?

There are, unfortunately, some things in life that cannot be helped, no matter how much treat they get. That includes things such as cancer, but not only illnesses necessarily, but very bad luck, a very ugly physical appearance that may make one be persecuted by society, and even living in an area where natural disasters are a common occurrence. This realistic notion of "curse" isn't something that necessarily came out of orderly reason (like an ancestor who has done something awful), simply because existence is unfair and not everyone gets what they want or deserve.

Therefore, being cursed with something is very much a result of mere unfortune rather than a divine punishment. Even if you are, for instance, a very devout believer in whatever religion, you too can be cursed -- cursed with a dire illness, a difficult weakness, a disability, very bad luck and so on. One's zealotry doesn't save them from the infliction of curses because everyone is prone to curses as a possibility.

I am myself in a way, a cursed man. The only way I can have true peace is by living in solitude and in a place where yells are not frequent. Simply because of that I had to move not one but 2 apartments just to find some peace of mind. Because of my "cursed" sensitivity to sound I suffered a lot throughout my life, mostly because of school and neighbours who just don't understand why I yell back at them (something that became a tendency after years of difficult self-restraint). Without this "curse" I could've been a happier person who did not need to isolate himself from the world just to be happy. I'm not sure if such cases are also present elsewhere in the world but I believe they do even if rarely.

There are some "curses" that can be cured and others that cannot. If you get cancer, for example, not all hope is necessarily lost, as you can ask for charity to help you cure it, and indeed there were those who recovered from this deadly disease. If you are born extremely hideous, to the point of being a victim to bullying from your peers, you can still pay for surgery that will make you prettier, and thus might be left alone by said bullies. And of course, if you live in poverty, it doesn't mean that it always have to be that way. Therefore, there are cures that can be cured, and those who cannot, theoretically at least.

Perhaps one of the most underrated curses are mental health issues, as they can only be dealt with through symptoms and not be completely cured. That means that once you have a mental illness, it's most likely that you'll have to live on psychiatric pills for the rest of your life. Psychological treatment could also help, but both do not cure the illness itself, no matter how much you'll pay for it.

Curses are not a product of poor morality or religious blasphemy, as they can happen to everyone. If I myself were I believer, this premise would make me ponder about the supreme justice of whatever god I'd believe in. Why? Because a moral god is one that rewards the just and punishes those at fault, and yet, opposite situations could occur as well. Justice is something that is sent by humans, and no other entities. Nature itself isn't just as well. Everything biological is based on this -- whether you are strong enough to overcome whatever existence throws at you, or not. There is no court in the jungle, there is only the court made my humans throughout the world, and even they aren't necessarily ideal or corrupt-free.

Ultimately, the practical solution to this notion of "curses" is this -- don't waste too much thought on curses that cannot be altered, and focus on improving the ones that can. I am always going to be sensitive to sound, so it's been a very long time since I tried thinking of ways of ridding myself from it. Instead I choose to try and focus on things that I can do, instead of creating in my mind a "what-if" scenario. That is because, no matter how many "ifs" you will ask yourself, as long as they are not practical they are logically useless against the poor hand you've been dealt with.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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