My 10 Laws of Manhood

My 10 Laws of Manhood

Hereby 10 insights/laws I have to offer about the notion of Manhood.

1. You don’t need to prove what is already there. It’s not your problem that others don’t believe you’re a man, when you clearly are a man!

2. You don’t need give anyone an impression of what is already present and known. You don’t need to impress a lady when the lady has already an impression of you. The same applies to anything and to everyone else.

3. There are no specific guidelines on how to be a man when the only way to be a man is to be male and to reach adulthood.

4. You clearly don’t need to “be in touch with your feminine side” if you are convinced you don’t have one. You don’t have to “be more manly” if you’re convinced you’re manly enough.

5. You don’t need to be at the top of whatever pyramid you’re in, in order to be masculine. Some common men, from construction workers to lumberjacks, can be more masculine than the dude at the top.

6. Your girlfriend or wife is not a goddess, an angel or a nymph. Also, women fart as well. The attempt to portray women as divine creatures is a biased perspective. Look at them as humans instead, like any other human being. Look at them in the eyes, not from underneath the lower section of their boobs.

7. Once you’re an adult and have finished all your mandatory tasks, the way you choose to live life is entirely up to you. Even if you’ll disappoint some of your closest people, your life from adulthood until death remain yours.

8. Being nice is not always helpful. Sometimes it could even do the opposite of what you’ve been expecting. Do not fear to raise your voice and to speak up your own mind when you’re convinced you should. Adulthood is the end of the feminine obedience you’ve been preached to follow during the years of school.

9. If you don’t know something and want to know it and it’s your right to know - ask! Even if others may be frustrated by your questioning, ask nonetheless, until you will find a satisfying answer. We are born into this world ignorant, and grow less ignorant.

10. You don’t need a muscular physique in order to be manly. Your maturity, assertiveness, autonomy and self-dignity - these can be sufficient to make you a masculine man, as opposed to a boy, that is likely to possess neither of these, and be extremely muscular.


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