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How To Examine Human Activities -- A Collection of Guides (By Mr. Ogbule Chibuzo Isaac)

Updated: Jul 3

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(Disclaimer: The guest posts do not necessarily align with Philosocom's manager, Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein's beliefs, thoughts, or feelings. The point of guest posts is to allow a wide range of narratives from a wide range of people. To apply for a guest post of your own, please send your request to

What is the need to examine some issues our sociopolitical lives?

Humans according to According to Aristotle's view are political animals. This implies that man is a social animal who needs the social relation of others for his act and potency to fully manifest. In other words, humans are human only in the mix of others. The social influence of others affects human in their conscious and conscience development thus in turn affects human conception towards a particular reality.

It's no wonder there are variaties in culture, traditions, belief, norms and values which is based upon human relationships in a particular society, despite these diffrences some can still be captured the similar with others view, pointing to the fact that society is an organic whole by which each elements is inter-related. Man by nature is so egostic who seeks for anything that can only be favorable to his individualistic existence but despite that, Humans still maintain that social aspect, the egostic part of man keep influencing his socio-political relationship which was captured in the first state of human nature as it was a game of might and the 'fits' are made to survive.

Man according to Aristotle is a rational animal, which implies that man posses the act to think towards his existence, environment and his relationship with others. It is in this sense that one can understand that society is an organization of the people, for the people, and by the people. If you don't think about others, others will think for you, thus has been the base where all the socio-political ideology and practices have been theorized. Most of this theories includes: Communalism, socialism, capitalism, democracy and to mention but a few.

Therefore, to discover the best way man should be in the society man need to think and be able to examine his relationship with others in order to negat the danger of Hunan activities which might not really be immediate but in future to come.

The quest of examining the sociopolitical issues is not for one person, it is for everyone but better analyzed by the sound minds. This question however is very important in human life and development as it stands as the base on how best the society and the relationship of man should be.

African Culture In Nigeria: Obajne (A case of study) A Myth or Reality

The Myth Of Ogbanje is regarded as an influential spirit that possesses little children in Igbo traditional society,this spirit influences little children and makes them behave negatively to the norms and instincts of the their parents and the society . Most People believes that Ogbanje is merely a myth,but the wonderful part is that it influences most of their children even till adult stage.

A cultural myth Ogbanje have existed among the Igbo people of Nigeria. These children may have morbidities that are manageable while some normal children may have to live with the stigma of being labelled such. The objective of this work was to assess Nigeria’s perception of ogbanje phenomenon and morbidity in ogbanje children.

The Belief of Obanje

It has since been a literary and cultural phenomenon, however is of clinical interest since the children may have some symptomatology pointing to a clinical entity. Also the belief of mothers on the phenomenon may affect their health seeking behaviour ultimately affecting morbidity and mortality rates. The modern day Igbo mother may no longer patronise native doctors who heal with voodoo, but may patronize herbal practitioners where they receive herbs of which their content and dosages are unknown. Belief in cosmic powers and supernatural causes to ill-health may also make mothers seek help at churches and prayer houses rather than seek orthodox help.

The Effects of Obanje on Nigerian Children

However, many cultural and religious beliefs exist in Nigeria and amongst the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. One of such beliefs is the “Ogbanje phenomenon. Ogbanje is an expression of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria which means a repeater. It describes a magical child who repeatedly dies, reenters the mother’s womb only to be born again. The ogbanje spirit is said to be a malevolent spirit which plagues the family with misfortune and grief.

Ogbanje children are believed to be committed to a shortened life span to the deities. With this commitment they receive a desirable appearance or outstanding psychic talent but at the expense of human relationships.

They are said to have spiritual companions with which they always communicate supernaturally resulting in hallucinatory experiences or dreams. They are also said to arrange to die at an agreed time of a brief illness usually at about puberty or a significant day of their life such as their birthday.

Conclusion: Obanje -- a Myth or Fact?

The picture below shows how African conceive the efficacy of Ogbenje is been conceive, critically looking at the picture above we could see the simple analysis pointing to the ontological look of all African.

In their simple sense,before a Child is come into existence,there are several forces driving their being, these forces are always pacify and control by natal rituals by offering sacrifices to the deities that influences their being and that's the only way most of the children do away with those forces while the careless parents neglects this implication and their offsprings are mostly trapped by this spirit.

Nevertheless,it also good to know that this Ogbanje spirit falls on Nigerian Children with or without natal rituals because those forces are believed to still have influences on human daily activities but are said to stop after proper rituals to librate the child in question.

While in Why -- Ask Why?

Why are people been pushed with multiple desire, passion, emotion, aniexty and the likes...?

Psychologically, some people allow their id to suppress their ego and thus influence their human nature bur why should it be so?

Though we are aware of our innate desires which we strives to attain in every minute on earth but why should it be multiple?

Forgetting that we all are striving to fill up nothingness!

Have you took time to think about this nonsensical world... The purpose of this life Which we try to make meaningful with our primitive-cultural beliefs, dogmatic beliefs of our religious doctrine and all other selfish opinion claiming to have found life meaningful... all are opinion confered on pressumtion and not Truth... though humans claims that to be wise enough but indeed they're cleaver ...painting their self opinion to be Truth.

Then having known this facts, why should you be overwhelmed by burdens of pains, pleasures, emotions, desires whereas you know that life is too short?

Among those things you desire to get,if you end up getting one out of ten then be happy and if you end up getting all be happy too but always remember that nothing is permanent including yourself and nothing external is yours then why should you be angry when your external things leaves you? Are those things yours?

You strive to have a child as if it's our purpose of being here? Giving birth does that justify why you're here? You will still leave them and their can never be you then why should you be angry?

Why should people's life influence you? How sure are you whether they're right?

Your friends fails you and you're angry? You are angry because you the one whom you loves ended up failing you or cheating on you, then why should you panic? It's true that

you love him/her but does he or she belongs to you? Even at that, he or she claims to be smart, being smart for how many years then everything will fade away, why should you be angry? Let them go, there are not yours and let them cheat after all for how many years?

You strives to diffuse in pains and suffering here in order to attain a better world to come, how sure are you that such world ever exist?

Then if here should be the rout that leads to another end,then it is even good to die on time but if everything ends here then why should we panic?

The best is to live in peace and contribute to humanity (development of people and transformation of the society).

The Question of Existance and Non-Existance

Nothingness is basic to understanding existence. Nothingness is the absence of being. It is ontologically dependent on being, meaning that it can only exist in relation to being. Existentialism holds that humans are the beings that bring nothingness into the world.

We understand the world by questioning being.

For example, if a mechanic is trying to find out what is wrong with a car that has broken down, they might look in the carburetor. In doing so, they must be considering the possibility that there is nothing in the carburetor. If there is something in the carburetor, then the problem must be somewhere else.

Sartre illustrated this point in Being and Nothingness by saying, "If I question the carburetor, it is because I consider it possible that there is nothing there in the carburetor."

In other words, the mechanic's questioning of the carburetor is only possible because of the nothingness that exists within the carburetor. If the carburetor were full of something, there would be no need to question it.

This shows that nothingness is essential to our understanding of existence. It is through our understanding of nothingness that we are able to make choices and understand how things might be if they were not as they are.

Sartre also used the example of an arrangement to meet a friend called Pierre in a cafe in which Sartre arrives fifteen minutes late and looks around the cafe to see whether Pierre has waited for him. Sartre wrote: "To be sure, Pierre's absence supposes an original relation between me and this cafe; there is an infinity of people who are without any relation with this cafe for want of a real expectation which establishes their absence.

But, to be exact, I myself expected to see Pierre, and my expectation has caused the absence of Pierre to happen as a real event concerning this cafe. It is an objective fact at present that I have discovered this absence, and it presents itself as a synthetic relation between Pierre and the setting in which I am looking for him. Pierre absent haunts this cafe and is the conditioning of self-nihilating organisation as ground. By contrast, judgments which I can make subsequently to amuse myself, such as, “Wellington is not in this cafe, Paul Valery is no longer here, etc.”

These have a purely abstract meaning; they are pure applications of the principle of negation without real or efficacious foundation, and they never succeed in establishing a real relation between the cafe and Wellington or Valery.

A Guide Towards a Good Relationship

Dear singles and those searching, I have this for you: A wise person would always manage a relationship to something meaningful, such aas marriage. Unfortunately, most times before we understand and know the real essence of that thing called "love", a number of past breakups, heartbreaks and selfless care rewarded with uncountable betrayals and cheating without remorse must have killed it. That is the case most times. Then you sit and wonder if this love thing is really for you or you are just wasting your time that should have been channelled in more productive ventures. Yes, it can be devastating sometimes. Again, most times we dare all odds and insist on marrying for love alone, irrespective of the series of pains and rewards of love with cheating but eventually end up gaining perpetual pain as marriage. Then it may be too late. Allow Your relationship to be born out of genuine friendship first because real friendship is bold and courageous in truth but mare expression of love laced with irrepressible emotions, premarital sex and romance is usually fearful and weak in truth. This is why some of you cannot face Your fear and correct the people that you claim You love when they are wrong because You are afraid they might get angry. Also, unending tolerance and the inherent ability of your partner to genuinely compliment Your consistent efforts and strength and also moderate/tame Your weaknesses should be Your primary guiding principle to finding a different soul in a different body. Be extremely careful so as to not run away from loneliness as a single person and end up gaining a sour and solitary life as a relationship. That is why You must not rush anything. Everything must come at it's own time. Build a healthy relationship with and possibly marry your friend and peace of mind coloured with happiness and success will happen. But ignorantly succumb to mare love built on illicit sex and romance alone and endurance will happen in Your relationship, even in marriage if you eventually marries that person.

FAILED NATION: Nigeria: a case of study.

Nigeria is a nation that is characterized by its lack of weaving, eating bread that is not harvested, acclaiming bullies as heroes, and valuing conquerors as bountiful. It is a nation that despises passion but submits in awakening.

It is a nation that does not raise its voice, boast, or rebel when faced with adversity. It is a nation with a fox as its statesman and a juggler as its philosopher, and whose art is patching and mimicking.

It is a nation with sages who are dumb with years and strongmen who are still in the cradle. It is a nation divided into fragments, each deeming itself a nation.

Fact About Human Society

Human history can be viewed as a slowly dawning awareness that we are members of a larger group. Initially our loyalties were to ourselves and our immediate family, next, to bands of wandering hunter-gatherers, then to tribes, small settlements, city-states, nations. We have broadened the circle of those we love.

We have now organized what are modestly described as super-powers, which include groups of people from divergent ethnic and cultural backgrounds working in some sense together — surely a humanizing and character building experience.

If we are to survive, our loyalties must be broadened further, to include the whole human community, the entire planet Earth. Many of those who run the nations will find this idea unpleasant. They will fear the loss of power. We will hear much about treason and disloyalty. Rich nation-states will have to share their wealth with poor ones. But the choice, as H. G. Wells once said in a different context, is clearly the universe or nothing.

Morality in Subjection

"A morally sound person does not support evil, even when that evil is done by friends, family, or party. You will still object to it". -- Sir Ray Murphy.

The above saying brings forth the following question:

Each day, we clamor about how corrupt people or politicians have become. We attack them endlessly with words.

The honest question is: If we were to be their children or their partners, and knowing fully well that our father or partner is corrupt in the position they hold or in what they do, would we:

  • Voice out and challenge our father?

  • Voice out and hand our husband to the authorities?

The answer is blunt: no. We might even get corrupt together with them. I have never seen the children of powerful people trumpeting their parents' bad personalities to the public. Have you?

The reason is that personal interest is involved. We can only clamor and bring them to book if our interest is not involved.

As a student of human nature, I say to us all: The world is ruled by selfish interests, and it is nearly impossible to meet morally sound people in a society full of selfish interests.

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Hi, I've been doing epistemology most of my life, and have finally arrived at a simple model I call "Paradigms of Truth". I wonder if you could let me know what you think about it?


There are two fundamental paradigms of truth. One is grounded, the other is not.

The grounded paradigm determines truth with ultimate reference to whatever is really going on, i.e., by experiential interaction with reality.

The untethered paradigm determines truth with ultimate reference to what other trusted people say is really going on, i.e., by experiential interaction with credible narrators.

The grounded paradigm keeps our narratives about what's going on from floating off into the sky fueled by their own hot air.

The untethered paradigm…

Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein
Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein
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Thank you for asking. I will find time to review it, and comment once again afterwards. You can also turn it into a guest article, if you desire, and send me the draft in . Have a nice day.


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