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The Rubinshteinic Guide to Rage -- How To Master the Art of Rage

Updated: Feb 9

Rage and/or anger are a combination of three elements: void, drive, and desire. Without any of these elements, one cannot be angry. We are always angry because of something that is missing. It is a form of pain that is used by a drive that makes us express our need for that void to be filled by the thing we desire. Therefore, anger and satisfaction cannot correlate, because the satisfied has no void, as their void has been filled.

Being afraid of anger from others shows us that we do not have true love for them. The true lover accepts the person as they are. When the lover fears their anger, they express their distaste for the other person's genuine desire. And you cannot truly accept someone you have some sort of distaste towards, can you? Because when you have any distaste for them, your love becomes hollow and impure.

And there is no true love with such impurity. I was taught this by a person whose name you will never know, as I love them enough to not betray their trust so distastefully using my growing public audience.

In a world where true love is greatly lacking, much sorrow and pain can easily grow within the human heart. And much illness can develop within the mind. This is because those who dislike the desires that others have, simply because of anger and other uncomfortable emotions, may be deceiving themselves when they claim to have true love for them.

And those who threaten over the mere presence of rage, of wanting something so badly that they express it so emotionally, are cowards. If they think that true love is possible when they threaten over their loved one's display of rage, they are unaware of the simple fact that they may only be threatening because they feel threatened themselves. And how can you truly love someone you are threatened by? Why would you threaten them so easily, if you have true, pure love for them?

Rage, like true love, is best felt by one type of people exclusively: those who are not afraid of being honest with themselves, and thus, are not afraid to be vulnerable by being honest themselves with those whom they love.

The true lover and the true rage-feeler are not afraid of being hurt. Reality is painful. Therefore, because they want reality, AKA, they want to be true with themselves and others, they must also accept pain. The pain of rejection, the pain of disappointment, and the pain of failure and defeat.

Should they fear pain, they will escape it like the cowards they are, whether or not they deny it.

The lover and the rage-artist are two sides of the same coin. The reason is simple: the coin is composed of void, drive, and desire.

Those who love do so because of a void within themselves as well. They are driven by the desire to be with someone, like the rage artist desires to accomplish something.

Thus, true love is driven by the being that is desired; rage is driven by the future that has yet to be achieved. True love is about being. The Art of Rage is about doing.

And in order to do something, it isn't always possible to just do it. Do you think everyone can simply walk? Have you considered the physically disabled? There is no need to be so naive, and no need to submit to our confirmation bias so easily.

Instantly submit to confirmation bias, and you may blind yourself to reality. Instantly submit to rage, and you can do just the same, in addition to undesired consequences, such as punishment and delay in your plans.

An empire expands because it is not satisfied with what it currently has. Thus, empires are best driven by calculated, resourceful rage. They observe what they have, and they refuse to be satisfied with it.

Asceticism does not necessarily lead to a life of serenity, as I have witnessed myself as an ascetic. No, it can also lead to an immense source of rage and frustration when the ascetic learns the importance of material and emotional deprivation.

Lock yourself in your apartment for days or weeks and you may understand what I mean. Deprive yourself of what you can have, and realize how badly you may desire to have it. As a disabled man, I am a prisoner of my own apartment.

Deep inside me, within the void that is left from the corpses of failure, disappointment, and misfortune, something has been unlocked. With it, I know that I am capable of far greater feats!

Even if not my body, then at least my mind. Because I am more than what I let myself be. I know that fear, discomfort, and other dysfunctional emotions are in my way. In my way of what I can work to achieve even further.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. And only then, can I tolerate the thought of peace in death. All because, peace in life can easily be disturbed. Thus, the concept of peace within life is a liability.

Void, drive, and desire are the most fundamental concepts that matter when it comes to ambition. Focusing on what we don't have, desiring to have it, and working to attain it, is how ambitions are met and empires are built.

Unlike true love, rage is far more prosperous in our violent world. The human economy is built on temporarily filling voids. Every purchase we make is of something that can always vanish due to the uncertainty of existence. Every void we fill can be reopened. Those who don't purchase anything will not survive, because even hunger will always come back into our lives, telling us that we need to make money to eat.

An economy built on true love would not be profitable. Being with someone because you love them means being with them for as long as possible. How can you make a profit when you're killing off your future profits?

It is, therefore, in the socio-economic interest of humanity to always be unsatisfied in some way. A population that is driven on an endless quest to fill voids, whether real or imagined, can be converted into a buying audience. If you become addicted to something like coffee, you may realize that you have just created an unwritten, unconscious contract with the coffee providers.

Why? Because they just created a void in your heart that can be deliciously filled by coffee indefinitely, albeit only temporarily. Do you understand this harsh rationale? Do you understand that you need others to be unsatisfied in order to survive? Do you understand that you need to be unsatisfied yourself for others to survive?

That is how money corrupts so easily the naive self that existed within us as children. Because children usually do not have financial troubles, and are prohibited by most countries to work, as that would be child labour, which is unethical. Thus, when outside of the cycle of work, they are free to do that which many adults may struggle: To truly love. Not romantically, necessarily, but wholeheartedly. Their parents, their pets.

Most of them need not be too concerned about the addictive nature of adult reality. That is, until they become disillusioned themselves, by the beautiful shattering of their infantile fantasies. The beautiful agony of realizing the truth about this harsh world: That they are not as loved, and that their relevance depends on many circumstances, some of which they have to prove.

Those who will remain whiny, will constantly complain instead of acting. Those who will mature, will strive to work regardless of their immediate desires. They will prioritize their disatisfactions instead, as the worker works have something satisfied. The employer does the same, because they need to supervise the workers to survive themselves.

In a world based on unsatisfied self-interest, true love is very difficult to attain. It would only be natural that some will not even believe it exists in real life. That it is only conditional, and never about the being they love. Never about the being themselves, beyond the actions.

And every action we make, we make to achieve something. We act because the object of achievement is missing in our lives.

And to fuel rage into our actions, while keeping it at bay, can remind us of how important it is, to get things done. To get them done right away if possible. And to make sure as little obstacles stand in one's way to carrying out the tasks at hand.

Be afraid of anger and/or rage, and you will be afraid of someone's genuine intention to exist. To live. And every life has its own voids to fill.

How can you truly love someone when you do not love their honest desire to live?

I combined philosophy with rage. Since wisdom can always be attained, I became at peace with rage.

Because rage is my slave. Because rage deserves to be conditional, like in logic, as it deserves to be restrained like an attack dog. Released only when vital to one's cause. Like a pawn!

Unlike true love, that can help much of this ill world.

And that is why they will never be the same.

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Aug 16, 2023

When you combine rage with love you become the conqueror of the world


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