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The Emotioncracy -- How Sensitivity Can Corrupt

Updated: May 18

I guess I should say that this article is going to offend some of you, even though I'm just critiquing an concept I devised about a specific trait in some human beings. If you are easily offended, find some ways to cope with your emotions. And don't expect me, a random stranger on the internet, to be responsible for your emotions and insecurities. Consult a mental health professional instead.


I theorize that a new elite might rise up in the world. This elite will be made up of people who deem their shortcomings as virtues. They will prefer that the world be a nicer and kinder place, even if there is no widespread agreement or consent for their ambition to come to fruition.

These people will deem their vulnerability as a way to understand other vulnerable beings.

They will regard the pain of love as something that is worth experiencing. They will see their emotional impression as the true testimony of reality that exists beyond their minds. They will see assertive people as threatening and arrogant, simply because they experience some unease from them. They will use the term "violence" in a much broader sense than a physical fight. They will regard even something as simple as a prank as an act of violence. They will regard a loud voice as an attack, as well, an attack that destroys their fragile endeavor for niceness.

Finally, they will be confined to the limitations of their feelings, and might struggle to see things beyond the metaphorical flashlight that it provides. And a bonus -- they will "throw" their emotions on you, as if it is your problem to deal with. It's as if the cause is always held responsible for the effect, as if the cause deserves so much power over something that can be worked on. As if it's your field of authority to make sure their emotion will be just like they want it.

I used to be extremely sensitive most of my life, and it had its ups and downs. However, the downs deluded me to believe that there is no escape from high sensitivity. It is with the use of reason that I became braver and tougher, and I love every second of it. Confidence can get you in a lot of places in life, and open a lot of opportunities for you to seize.

If you don't grow up mentally, you will remain emotionally underdeveloped, and be offended by minor things that don't deserve much power.

But if we do not teach the next generations the importance of building character, they will remain mentally weak and extremely irritated by many things. This can harm their growth in life in many ways: Financial, social, romantic and so on. Should we escape struggle like the plague, we will not let it build up our spirits, and make our nerves, be of steel.

A generation of cowards are afraid of derogatory terms like "cowards" because it does not feel nice, is one that may hide from becoming a better version of itself. Should it not build self-confidence, it will remain insecure and may regard many things as threatening. From eye contact, to reasonable things that trigger unusual emotional reaction on their part.

Should we normalize sensitivity as a good thing, we will limit our own democratic freedoms. The freedom of expression will be censored by the PC trends. The freedom of religion will backfire, and censor anything that hurts people's religious feelings. And so on and on. And let us not talk about the freedom of thought, because there might be a "harmful" or "dangerous" thought, and one that does not. This can greatly reduce our right to exchange ideas, as expected in philosophy and other intellectual areas.

All will be done, according to this idea, in order to preserve a nicer, safer place for everybody. However, since those who are not sensitive, don't really need it, that "place" is only within the interest of the sensitive. And of everyone else who is, yes, a victim of their unwillingness to become more resilient, and work on themselves in general.

We need sensitivity to a reasonable degree. We need it to have empathy, but also to a healthy limit. We should not use it to limit the freedom of others in favor of a minority who gains power by glorifying fragility. This fragility is what makes us walk on eggshells around others and censor ourselves in fear of being canceled.

I say this as someone who used to be very sensitive, and as someone who has met people who are even more sensitive than I ever was.

Why would it be in the public interest to compromise ourselves for the sake of a minority of people who are more sensitive than most? In the real world, many people will not care about you unless they have some kind of personal interest in doing so. You cannot force someone to care about you just because you are sensitive. The choice of caring lies with them, regardless of who they are.

If we combine the desire for a more caring society with authority, we get an "emotionocracy" - a nation ruled by emotions.

The more emotional someone is, the more privileged they will be to be treated like a snowflake who needs protection and care and not be judged. The more critical you are of someone in such a state, especially if they are sensitive, the more likely you are to be punished and treated like dirt. Remember, you may not have been offensive or verbally or physically attacked them. You may have only judged or criticized them.

Why should we consider criticism to be negative by default? How can we improve without it? The sensitive may not want to improve at all, so they may not want to be criticized or judged negatively.

It is ridiculous that we live in a world where people can lose their jobs for being sincere or truthful, even if it reveals a flaw! A flaw that can be worked on!

This is why emotional fragility has little place in philosophy. The point of philosophy is to tell the truth, as researched by the philosopher. The philosopher is not there to deceive in order to be politically correct. They are there to be correct. If you are wise and not right, you will deceive your audience in order to please them. You will tell them what they want to hear, even if it is not true.

If you are interested in philosophy, put your fragility aside or be prepared to be offended by the truth (or by current findings regarding the truth).

Philosophers may be seen as arrogant for being brutally honest. But is it arrogant to do your job?

So enjoy your job and be harassed by whiners for doing it. The sensitive will be admired in the corner for their emotional excitement and cringe.

Don't we just love inequality? The sensitive are admired for lying to be "socially wise." The philosophers will be pushed aside for being loyal to the truth.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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