The Contemporary Dramatization of Minor Discomforts

The Contemporary Dramatization of Minor Discomforts

Updated: 7 days ago

Hello, audience. Herby an insight I would like to share with you, regarding the topic of minor uneasiness in our everyday lives.

Discomfort, regardless of degree, are like the corridors of our nostrils - no matter how clean they are, they will always capture the dirt that the air we breath contain.

Rich or poor, popular or unpopular, powerful or a puppet - our minds will always capture the discomforts of life, and make us aware of them once they are captured in our consciousness.

Discomfort is thus as inevitable feature of the entire package we call “life”. The way we, however, choose to perceive it, and the degree of proportion we will choose for them in our life-long narrative, are, on the other hand, very evitable, because it is a product of our chosen perception, and are not a component of said feature.

Since, unfortunately, such wisdom is not learnt in schools, along with logic and inquisitive thinking, many people are not able to distinguish between said feature, and between their perception towards this feature.

Because of this, unconscious exaggeration towards things and beings are made, leading to a more spoiled mind, at the price of adding oneself unnecessary suffering, because of the spoiled state of the modern mind.

By the “modern mind”, I refer to the minds of those who live a reasonably comfortable life; a comfort that exceeds the discomfort many of our ancestors had to endure through plagues, poverty, persecution, pillaging, the abolishment of human rights, and military conflicts. I thus confident saying that the modern human, in compared to their ancestors of the Far Past, enjoys a far-wider array of comfort, accessibility, and pleasure.

And yet, many of us in this modern era of comfort and hedonism, may still find ourselves agonizing over the discomfort that modernity has yet to decimate from our lives; the small grain of discomfort that has survived from the genocide of its majority.

An example that many of you may be familiar with, is the lack of patience many of us have, which is quite ironic at times, given the ability of instant accessibility which many of us possess at least on the technological degree.

Just an hour ago I had this same issue, where I had to wait for a barber for around 20 minutes to half an hour, for them to return after they drove an employee home, and promised me they will return in 10 minutes or so.

Now you see, many other people would be angry at them, for making them wait for more than they have promised them to wait. I, however, contemplated the issue of discomfort as I waited, and thanks to this minor discomfort, of having to wait more than promised, I have thought of creating this article, and if the barber was to return in 10 or even in less minutes, I perhaps wouldn’t taught of writing this article.

Hence why even the minor of discomforts can lead one to more productivity, one hasn’t taught they would initially have, making such discomforts not only a minor unpleasant issue, but also a window for new opportunities to arrive to one’s mind.

So next time if you are to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, I suggest asking yourself these two questions: “Is this situation really that bad, like I narrate it to be in my thoughts?”, and “How can I convert this discomfort into a productive possibility, rather than an annoying hindrance?”.


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