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In Offense of Determinism (Poem)

Updated: Feb 23

A beautiful atmosphere

2023 Note: Remember, even I, may be wrong. I never claimed omniscience. After realizing I was practicing sexual transmutation for the sake of Philosocom, I officially renounce my claims as asexual.


How delightful it is,

To believe that you are special,

As anyone else,

And not insignificant,

As anyone else.

That a clear, heavenly-planned path,

Has been decided for you,

And no possible choice on your behalf,

Could ever change it.

Even if you decide to take a knife,

And brutally kill your family,

That is also planned out,

Just as your decision,

To not do so at all.

"Everything is planned and the possibility is granted"

So say the sages of Judaism.

How can such thing be true,

When you are condemned by your immense liberty,

As Sartre would claim?

As if, you cannot alter your life,

Without any choice being already planned,

By a mysterious entity.

It is quite silly,

when you can decide your fate, to an extant,

and not said being.

Should that being want me in jail,

Why would I be there if I am to choose not to commit a crime?

Perhaps there are, indeed,

Choices bigger than divine will.

And still, most, if not all,

Seek to feel important,

As inferiority weakens our egos,

And depresses our will to live.

Thus, it would only be natural,

That some people will believe,

That the universe has a mind of its own,

Even just for the sake of feeling great,

In both mood and role,

As barely-influencial as it might be.

It feels great, to believe there is a greater frame,

Where every encounter, every day,

Is significant more than it seems to be,

But.. more than it actually is, perhaps?

That each ally is a star of destiny,

That each conflict has a clear result by the heavens,

That only a divine will,

Will decide who will win in whatever conflict,

One and their followers may encounter,

No matter how powerful either side may be.

In video games,

Rare are the cases where you fight to lose;

Which means --

You're supposed to prevail with each encounter,

You can also lose in.

If only reality was as simplistic as the virtual realm.

Does "money comes from divine authority"?

Do something not appealing in a job interview,

And you've blown it.

How, then, in the world,

Can divine will also have authority,

On the free will of its subjects?

If it has, then such "wills" are not free,

Which is too illogical to be true,

Since we already have freedom,

On many of our choices;

Choices unplanned by divinity.

In the end, at least as a man,

Only I can impregnate a woman.

No divine authority can force me to do so.

Thus, should the heavens have commanded me to be a family man,

They cannot execute their order,

Without my permission, my will.

(Isn't it great to be asexual?)

Thus, it would only be logical,

That there are some things that are greater,

Than the concept of legendary spirituality.

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Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc
Jun 29, 2021

May I suggest that there is more that what can meet the eyes?

Like this suggested topic of : How fascinating human beings are...

Human beings are fascinating

He or she has a tremendous potential which he or she still ignores he has or she has inside? He/she can do a lot, he/she can do as much with force as his strength of resistance is... present in him or her!

I would say that the ambition of this already existential being first of all, can be used and refined later by the acquired required but not compulsary to become this Complete Being resulting from the awareness of being more than this existential only?

Only! Will he/she, Did he/she or did…

Replying to

Glad you liked it! I think that, as long as we are ignorant to an extant, there would always be more than meets the eye. We are indeed fascinating beings, capable of world domination and other achievements. Perhaps it is our freedom that enables such feats.


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