Souls as Metaphors

Souls as Metaphors

Updated: Apr 21

I like to write with many metaphors as I can in a single passage. It gives such vividity to my writings, and an aura of meaningfulness, a feeling of adventure towards an unknown destination, that may or may not exist. For me, the term “soul” is a metaphor, since I don’t actually believe in the existence of these eternal entities, mostly because there is no physical place in the body which inhabit this “material”.

For me, the term “soul” can be equivalent to “life-force”, “motivation”, “essence of being”, but not something that stands for itself, without a parallel term.

Long ago I was interested in the relationship between “soul” and “mental age”. I do believe that there may not be a correlation between the physical age, i.e, the length of time while living, and the mental age, i.e, one’s childish or mature personality. There could be people that are very old but have a childlike attitude, and young people with a very strict attitude, with wisdom that exists beyond their physical age.

Thus, I would consider a “light soul” to be the personality of a child, not necessarily as an insult. People with such life-force are very adventurous, seducing, attracting, excited, carefree, and pretty much everything that may be considered social, innocent and extroverted. A “light soul” is a child at heart.

On the contrary, the “heavy soul” is not necessarily a miserable or a stressed entity. As said before they are may be wise beyond their actual age. They may prefer intellectual matters over materialistic ones, be very self-disciplined, introverted, very mature and may or may not lead an ascetic lifestyle, devoid of obsessions after pleasure, adventures and valor. They also may prefer solitary pursuits, and are independent by nature, even if melancholic at times.

I personally view myself to be a hybrid between the two. I do lead a somewhat ascetic and solitary lifestyle, am wise beyond my physical age, but I also a quite innocent person, as I fail to understand the cause or functionality of impurity, crime, vengeance and evil in our world. I prefer intellectual activities over social events, but I also an admirer of physical fitness.

I think a composition of “light” and “heavy” virtues can lead to a healthy and serene life. It is good to be kindhearted, but also care for intellectuality and avoid the circle of materialistic pursuits. Much more combinations are possible for a healthy physical and mental condition.

But regardless of its metaphorical aspect, I tend to believe souls were invented as a concept for people to explain to themselves what happens to the person once they are dead. It's a result of exlusion, of distinguishing between the person and between their body, as if they were different objects. The truth might be that when we die we simply shit down, like a phone that has run out of batteries, but open mindness should nonetheless be developed with regarding that the concept of souls might just be in the field of theory, along with other widely-accapted theories like the afterlife or ressuraction.


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