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20 Things That Aren't Worth It

Updated: Mar 6

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Here are 20 things that anyone should consider avoiding in life. If avoided, life could be way easier than it currently is, at least for some people:

  1. Suicide: Is there anything beyond death but eternal darkness and nothingness? It should be awaited when the time comes. Right now, this is the Age of Productivity.

  2. Evil: What is the point of having pleasure over the suffering of others? Why is such a thing pleasurable? Pain is no subject for humor or ridicule.

  3. Any form of addiction: Addiction takes away your independence, making you dependent on them for happiness, validity, and sanity.

  4. Rape: Rape is the sexual form of evil, of attaining pleasure over one's suffering. It also makes the victim nothing more than a silent, lifeless object, used for gaining pleasure. It is an insult to the race that conquered the world, the human race.

  5. Joining/creating a cult: A cult is a sphere of darkness that isolates one from the Light of Independent Reasoning. What functionality does ignorance serve, beyond the power of those who generate it upon others' minds?

6. Anxiety: Anxiety is a state of mind that serves no purpose and is best avoided. It is a state where the body's survival system overreacts, causing internal chaos, even if it is only temporary. Victims of anxiety should be treated with care.

7. Over-exhaustion: The body and mind are machines that are motivated by energy. When there is minimal to no energy, there is unnecessary suffering when doing a certain task, and the task itself becomes less accomplished than when there is sufficient energy to complete it. Rest should be perceived as a state where one recharges themselves for better optimal productivity in the future.

8. Ending up in prison: The purpose of prison is equivalent to that of a school: to teach and educate. In the case of prison, the moral is to make you regret the crime you have committed by teaching you that crime is not the way of living. You can save a significant portion of your lifespan by knowing this moral before committing a crime.

9. Obsession with appearance: Being obsessed with one's appearance is a way to compensate for a lack of self-confidence. It is a waste of time and sometimes money. Face surgery, luxurious clothing, excessive makeup, and an extra-muscular body are all signs of anxiety that one is not good enough. Instead of focusing on external appearances, one should focus on their internal self-worth.

10. Big ego: In comparison to the vast void of the universe, we are all tiny beings residing on a small planet in an infinite space. Even if one is particularly good at something, it does not necessarily make them greater or of more existential value than people who are less good at that particular thing.

11. Tension: Tension is not healthy physically or mentally. It may be good for concentration, but what other purpose does it serve?

12. Lack of physical activity: Your body is a machine. When it is neglected, it becomes weaker to the point of making you suffer.

13. Candies and snacks: All they do is make you feel satiated and happy at the cost of your health. Healthy food can do the same without weakening your health.

14. Lack of commitment: When one is not committed to their job, their productivity remains incomplete. When a rail remains unfinished, it becomes a waste of space. Only when the rail is completed does it become important.

15. Starting a family unprepared or by accident: Not everyone is fit enough to raise a family, whether financially or mentally. Be cautious or else you will be suffocating a new life form unnecessarily.

16. Rudeness: What purpose does rude behavior serve? The same message can be conveyed without insulting the person in front of you and without the potential for conflict between you and them.

17. Adultery: The entire idea of marriage is to symbolize the loyalty between two people. When adultery is committed, the symbolism of marriage breaks apart. If so, what was the point of marrying in the first place?

18. Disrespect for your parents: Your parents are your true creators. Disrespecting them is equivalent to disrespecting your own life. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't be here, reading this writing. They are the source of life itself.

19. Disrespect for your children: Your children are your own creation. However, this does not give you absolute authority over them, nor does it give you the right to put them to shame. They are people just like you, even if they are younger and have less experience than you. They are the future members of the world, and your behavior towards them now could have an immense impact on how they develop and mature as people.

20. Gambling: The fate of entire families can depend on one's ability, or inability, to overcome financial temptations. You may be feeling enthusiastic right now in the casino, but this enthusiasm could potentially destroy your and your family's future. You could lose everything, including your home and your car. There is nothing more uncertain than gambling. Do not be tempted to increase your bets when you are winning, because a potential loss could be even worse when the stakes are higher.

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