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The "Noah's Ark" Dream

Updated: Feb 20

A colored water surface.

In my last sleep, which lasted a day, I had a very strange dream that, for some reason, I find philosophical. I will now tell you of this dream, and feel free to analyze it as you see fit, like with the rest of the content I serve. To those who analyze my work, no permission is required.

A common motif in my dreams is me still living back in what I call the metropolis, the center of my country's population.

A less common motif, however, is that I'm still a student at school. Every time these motifs collide, I am tricked every single time by my subconscious into thinking that I am still a high school student who just happens to have an apartment far away that I'm not using but really should, because life in the metropolis is very unhealthy for those sensitive to sound.

Anyways, in that dream, recent news has shown that there will be a flood coming in the next few hours; a flood at the scale of the one described in Noah's Ark. This upcoming event has raised a lot of panic. People yelled yells like I had never heard of them before, which tormented me. Other people, armed with megaphones, were sharing their techniques for coping with the upcoming flood.

Finally, certain people, mad in biblical proportions, wore nothing but robes, climbed on top of the buildings with what seemed to be scrolls and stone tablets, and yelled their own prophecies.

It was a school day, but I was too late for school to have a day of studying. Instead, I was in what appeared to be a laundry shop. Mother sent me with quite a bag of clothes that needed to be washed immediately for some reason, and she couldn't pick them up herself because she was too busy for the rest of the day.

When I saw the news of this flood that is about to hit my country's shores and beyond, I thought to myself, "Why am I here when I could've been in my apartment in the far mountains? Surely the flood would be too low to sink my residence there." However, since I was tied to the duty of getting the clothes washed at the laundry shop and having them returned, I was too sure that it'd be too late to try and plan an escape.

Besides, leaving both the clothes and Mother would mean that I would abandon her and have no clothes of my own to spare (I carried a big package of clothes in that dream). Therefore, I, for some reason, made the courageous act and may perhaps die alongside my mother.

The flood came earlier, before the washer finished. I recall being flooded in deep water while hearing white noise, mostly screams of people. I did not feel any water, but the screams were disturbing.

Sometimes afterwards, it appears that some sort of apocalypse has happened. The world was in complete silence, and it appears that it will forever be in eternal darkness. I woke up in the dream someplace completely different. It appeared to be a small cave with pieces of computers and technology scattered throughout and hanging from the walls.

It would be childish to assume, but it appears that I washed into the lair of a comic book superhero. However, whoever that vigilante was, it wasn't Batman, but perhaps a copycat or a very eccentric fan of him. That unseen person had a suit that was orange and green, which was quite simplistic. It reminded me of a very esoteric character from the DC comics called "Kite-Man".

Nonetheless, I realized that this is probably a post-apocalyptic world I'm in. Perhaps it is best that I conceal my identity, or at least grab additional clothing since mine was soaked in water. Maybe this suit had some protection I wasn't aware of?

Outside the hidden lair, I found myself on a beach, surrounded by villas. Everything in sight was wet, and the sky was dark with no stars. I sneaked into the streets of the villas, only to find a small gang of masked people, perhaps guards of some sort.

They had weapons and wore suits, but they sat in comfortable chairs, probably intoxicated. Although I was thirsty both in and out of the dream, I declined the opportunity to talk to them, for they seemed to be too dangerous.

Finally, at the beach, I found a strange marine vehicle. Something that looks like a hybrid of a kite and a surfboard. I don't know if these actually exist, but looking at its color pattern, I wagered it belonged to the superhero or villain I just impersonated. Near the vehicle was a map of small islands -- the map of the very islands I saw before me.

I took the map and used the strange vehicle as I surfed into the dark sea. Because I knew that if I made that lair a hideout, I might be noticed by the survivors. I didn't know if they were good-willed or ill-willed. Without taking my chances, I chose the path of solitude.

What have I learned from this dream? I learned that you should reveal your true identity only when you're in an environment where you feel secure, or at least think you do. In that dream, I could've had the chance to gather a following by giving my own thoughts on that flood, just like I do here on different topics.

However, as all my dreams are automated, including my own decisions, I for some reason chose to just give up and not escape. I don't know why I did that, even though doing so would've meant sacrificing my mother, who was at work at the time. It was only by luck that I survived.

But my point still stands: When you live in a lawless world, like the one in the dream, people will be more inclined to do things that they would not otherwise do if it were up to law enforcement to stop them. If you were in a lawless area and you decided to go solo, it is best to keep a low profile so stronger people or groups won't find you and harm you in any way.

Throughout the years, I unintentionally "researched" this insight I came to in this dream. Whenever I played an online game and I was playing by myself, without being affiliated, then my chances of survival were higher.

However, when you choose to be in a group or organization, you can be targeted because you are part of a defined selection; a selection that might have enemies, even if the group has the power to protect and aid you.

When you are widely known, such an advantage is less likely to exist.

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