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The "Holy Trinity" of Drinks

Updated: Feb 23

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Humankind has created many types of drinks during its existence. Some are essential to our lives, while others are luxuries made for the privileged. After some contemplation, I have come up with three drinks that, in my belief, are the most essential to humans and both to the individual and the society they are in. Without these drinks, we would either not be able to live, or would at least live very poorly. These drinks are water, coffee, and beer.

Say what you want about certain other drinks, but these are probably the most essential ones for the continuation and preservation of human civilization. And of course, I will not leave you without telling you why I think so. Let us begin with the basics:

1. Water: Should you look it up and even ask experts, they will tell you that water is not only the most essential of drinks, but much of our physical existence is made up of water. Should Earth run out of sources of drinkable water, we could, in theory, cease to exist. Of course, there are many alternatives to water, such as different juices, but they are not as pure substitutes for the many benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. If you live somewhere where the water is not dirty, consider drinking tap water, both in your house and in eateries.

Not only will your health improve, but you will be saving a lot of money. The more dominant water is in your drinking priority, the better. Because of that, it is far healthier than the other drinks that I will be mentioning in this article. Finally, perhaps one of the biggest unfortunate things a country can have is having no other alternative to distributing water in limited capacities.

In such cases, you must preserve your water container as if it were something holy, because without it you will be left without drinking, until the next distribution process. I am unaware if such cases are a thing in the world today, but I wouldn't wish for such a thing to happen even to the most vile and dystopian of nations.

2. Coffee: Obviously, it is not as important as water, but it is true that many people cannot start their working days without at least one cup of it. This is because of how effective it can be in making us productive and hard-working. For the many industries of the world, coffee truly is a blessing. A dictatorship that decides to outlaw coffee in its territories, is a quite dumb one, as by doing so it limits the productivity of its citizens.

As long as it is healthy, coffee should be cherished, not only for yourself but for the sake of the nation. A company with sleepy workers is a company whose competency is far below its optimal potential. It should be drunk in the day, in the afternoon, or literally anywhere and anytime that requires you to be both productive and competent. Even monks should drink coffee if it means they would pray more and pray better.

Of course, it should not be drunk excessively, or else you will become addicted. Still, it is a better "fate" than being sleepy while studying or working. If you dislike coffee, you should still try and find some drink that will leave you energized enough to go through the day, or even test different types of coffees in order to find the tastiest one. I even admit that, without coffee, many of my writings would not come into realization.

And finally,

3. Beer: It is the least essential type of beverage in this list, but at least it can greatly improve your mood if you drink moderately. Do you wish to avoid the possibility of depression? Consider drinking some alcohol from time to time. Being in good spirits is good not only for avoiding depression, but also to escape from the possibility of, well, suicide. This reasoning might be controversial, but as long as you are responsible enough to not make it an unhealthy addiction, there should be no fault in wanting to feel a little bit better when you're down.

In my earlier books I was in fact an anti-alcoholist, but ever since I begun drinking sometimes, I then realized the importance of finding ways to be happy, especially if such methods are quick and cheap. I at least do not need another's company to be happy, nor to spend much funds on traveling abroad, but give me a good beer and I will feel much better. Of course, I follow the reasoning I give and I moderate drinking to the bare minimum.

It is, theoretically, a far better alternative than smoking, because at least some alcohol could be healthy for you (look it up for further information). Finally, there is no need to spend tons of money on alcohol; there are far cheaper products that serve the same functionality of mood-boosting. This is not a form of compromise; it is about not wasting money and still having a good time for your mentality.


Other than the final example, the first two examples are perhaps the most important beverages to humanity thus far. Regardless of where you are in the globe, you would not find a sustainable territory that does not provide the purchasing of these fluids to you and to anyone being there.

The primary reason why I do not include alcohol as much as imperative as water and coffee is because of certain cultures, mostly Islamic, that forbid or look down upon it. Since Islam is such a major religion, it would only be obvious that not every adult loves alcohol as they love water and/or coffee.

I propose a toast with some sources!

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