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"Katella The Huntress" and Double Standards (A Difficult Topic)

(September 2023 note: I am no longer handicapped. I explained why in this article).

Double standards are not as clear as they might be first seen to the naked eye, especially if that eye belongs to the one having said standards. In a simple definition, it's a concept that happens when one has a certain set of standards in one field, but does not in another field, which is theoretically identical, or of the same weight, as the initial field.

The problem in that is obvious: It leads to one's hypocrisy, whether or not said person will actually admit it. Hypocrites, or those who contradict themselves, may find it difficult to admit their hypocrisy, as that would entail that they are not as honest as others and as they see themselves as.

As a result, it'd be harder to trust a self-confessed hypocrite, then someone who is not a hypocrite (or someone who is regarded as such). The only way out of this condemnation, is atonement, but we'll get to that later.

The following example might be disturbing for some of you, but as I said in an older article, I don't really like putting trigger warnings in my content. Just so you know, still, this subject might be disturbing, but I deem it necessary in order to better present the case of double standards.

There was a certain character in a cartoon from the 90's that was aimed at kids. Her name was "Katella the Intergalactic Huntress", and to sum up her character, she worked as a freelancer, capturing exotic creatures across Space, and sells them to the highest bidder. In the only episode where she appeared in, she was invited by a warlord named Dr. Robotnik, so he could tell her about a nemesis he'd like her to catch; A blue hedgehog that foils his plans.

For some absurd reason, Katella fell in love with the villain, and began... physically assault him. Punches, kicks, throws; In a way that is cute, because after all, that's how girls show love to boys, right? It appears she was so physically strong, no one in his fortress could've stopped her, not even Robotnik himself...

By the end of this disturbing episode, that for some reason is completely okay due to gender, she forced him to marry her, and likewise, no lackey of his could've done anything. The poor villain was eventually rescued by his mother, who was against the wedding, and the Huntress in question hated her guts so much, that it was the only way that the show's antagonist could've been saved... by a second physical abuser, in the form of his mother.

By now, one thing should be clear: Sexual assault is not okay regardless of gender; Forced marriage is not okay, regardless of gender. It is obvious, that if the genders were reversed in said episode, it would be very disturbing to be shown. Just to be clear, that show also contained educational messages at the end of each episode... One of them was against such assaults...

As a man, I am frustrated of this double standard existing in society, and to be frank, I was harassed too in that regard, and I don't want to talk about it too much. I could've had reported her, but it felt unusual for me, as a male, to do so, even though I had every right to; Even boys and men have a right to their bodies... I should've known better to not just leave, but report her in the framework I was at, at the time (Uhh.. National Service).

And nowadays, as a grown adult with chronic fatigue, I really don't want to have any kind of intimacy with anyone. Why? Because my condition made me significantly weaker. Whenever I remember that specific episode, I randomly stumbled upon around a decade ago, online, I now know that there are people, male and female, that are far stronger than me, and that could... yeah.

(2023 Note: I intend to undergo surgery and restore my physical strength... also to protect myself. That includes from violent women).

I don't care if I will live a life of solitude! I will not be r***d by anyone! So what if I'm male? We can be victims too! How do I know? I looked it up and realized that it is indeed technically possible regardless of gender!

Yes, I might be a bit unprofessional right now, but I want the world to know that males can also be victims, and that this victimhood is not as seen from the male side, because it is not as recognized! Even men who are physically stronger than the average human, can be harmed at school, in their workplace! The fact that someone is female, or a woman, should not give her a "pass" to commit such assaults, just because of double standards!

And who should atone for such hypocrisy, you might ask? Anyone who abused this double standard, so they could commit their schemes, below the radar of their societies! Gender should be irrelevant when abuse is discussed!

If both a man and a woman can be assaulted or worse, why is their specific gender important, if the conviction is or should be, all the same? Why should that specific character be given a pass, just because of her gender?

And that is an ethical question, whose only logical conclusion may require atonement; To apologize about the fact that some people have their "passes", just because of their gender, all the while supporting gender equality, and the self-ownership of one's body.

And as long as there will be a bias of gender towards this topic, I will be more than happy to protect myself from the world in that regard and avoid further trauma. That is my philosophy as a person who got weakened by fatigue, and that is all the more reason for me, to abstain from such things... At least for now, in my handicap condition. The risk isn't worth it, now, is it? The euphoria of love, the passion of the flesh, the "unity" of "two parts of the same soul"!

No. The powerlessness in such situations -- I will see their probability through its end, so I will not be harassed again!

After I will finally recover from this fatigue, medically, I'll do all I can to protect myself. Then, the chances of all that was discussed here in this article, should gradually decrease. I won't let anyone, anyone, abuse me. And will not submit, just to feel loved, for a change. I may want to fill my skin hunger, but having it fulfilled by a female abuser is beneath me. And I'm only saying female because I am not gay.

I might not handle the shame of anymore abuse in this life.

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