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How to Stop Being A Sucker (By Mr. Mandoela Svartgold)

Updated: Jun 24

(Disclaimer: The guest posts do not necessarily align with Philosocom's manager, Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein's beliefs, thoughts, or feelings. The point of guest posts is to allow a wide range of narratives from a wide range of people. To apply for a guest post of your own, please send your request to

(Note: I accepted this article to Philosocom partially because I regard souls as possible metaphors, and believe we can learn from this article regardless of whether or not we believe in spirituality).


The main topic of this article is a philosophical perspective on souls who are brought into the world to fix it. I have come to this understanding through my own astral journeys, where I have spoken to my own soul. This is why I am writing this article Mr. Tomasio suggested me to write -- from my own spiritualist perspective.

I come to ask why some people suffer more than others. Can they really move forward if they are not given a chance by the state? If they are discriminated against because of their skin color, language, or minority status? If they have different opinions or behaviors? If they are too neurodivergent to function?

The assumption is that only the strong and powerful survive. That is why the "strong" take care of the "weak" out of exploitation, domination, or out of fear that they will rise up and challenge the status quo. They are afraid that the "weak" will take away their power and privilege.

This is why people who are different are often put through trials and tribulations. They may be defamed, ostracized, or even imprisoned. They may not have the same opportunities as those who are born into the "right" families.

I believe that these less-unfortunate souls are not corrupted. They are simply different. However, in order for them to endure and even succeed in this world, they must be assertive like anyone else should, or else they will resume being suckers, outcasts and underdogs.

Some people might think that this article is about assertiveness or being a people pleaser. However, it is actually about spirituality. I have come to these conclusions through my own experiences and understanding of the self and philosophy.

I want to talk about the soul and its purpose in this world. I believe that some souls come to this world with a desire to please God. They yearn for peace and are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the greater good.

They believe that arguing is harmful to the soul. They would rather suffer in silence than cause conflict. They are also willing to sacrifice their own will and desires in order to follow God's plan.

These souls have been traumatized by this world because they are different from the majority. However, I believe that it's all because they're simply misunderstood.

According to my philosophical argument, a person who discovers their soul does not always see what they would like to know about the difference between good and evil, or between prudishness and domination.

A soul descends into the world 40 days after God's decision. It is on an eternal journey across the different reincarnations it was destined for. It then enters the body as a fetus in a woman. These souls must make corrections for the sake of the world.

(Mr. Rubinshtein's Note: A "Tikkun" is essentially a correction. It can also be translated to "improvement" or "reform")

This makes it much more difficult for them to refuse requests from people, good or bad. This is not about people who are always agreeable, but about those whose choices were limited. For example, people who were born into narcissistic families or racist environments may be hindered by their traumas.

These souls suffer more and feel more threatened by their surroundings. They are happiest when they are alone at home. I am one of them.

(Mr. Rubinshtein's Note: Me too... I prefer contributing to humanity from the serenity of my hermitage. Unlike Mr. Svartgold over here, I am simply a-social)

I have seen in my life that telling the truth is not always enough. What is the truth? It is all hypocrisy... I look for people who are creative and empathetic, who can read others with just a brief observation, without even asking questions. These souls are drawn to help others, even if it means giving too much of themselves. But eventually, their souls will stop them from doing so.

These people are often called "suckers" by the environment, but they are not. Their luck does not improve, even if they are born into a good environment.

Luck is part of destiny, which is written in advance. This is mentioned in the Quran, but it is also said that it is possible to change one's destiny.

However, is this really the case? A person is not always seen when they are born in a racist country or a country that does not care about them. They may be abandoned or abused by their family, and the state may not help them. Even if they receive help, it may not be enough to help them progress.

These souls came into the world in human bodies. They are afraid to say no when it comes to work or money, because their destiny is to help others. They are fatal to others and help them to achieve success. However, they are not as advanced as others, such as members of minorities living in a country where the majority rules.

We are usually seen as different people and are not valued as much. Some of us are beaten or humiliated. I am one of these people, and I have the ability of spiritual empathy, which allows me to recognize others. This makes me an easy target for others.

You may be wondering how a boy, girl, or helpless person can be invisible and inaudible. The answer is that they do not follow social conventions. This puts them in situations where they are constantly hit by fate, whether financially, mentally, or physically.

Sometimes this has nothing to do with pleasing the environment. Sometimes it is because they are part of a spiritual group that is making corrections to the rest of the world. They pay a heavy price for this, without even realizing that they were chosen by God.

This is their fate. They do not always get a chance, and the end is not always good. How can you identify these groups of "corrupted" souls? They are not heard, after all.

Their family, the police, or both may have wronged them. They may have been ostracized at school, despised, or enslaved. They may have been constantly laughed at for no good reason, simply because they did not fit in.

They do not want to be beaten, hostile, or bullied. They may not have received help from their parents, the environment, or the police. They may have even been imprisoned simply because of their race, religion, appearance, or behavior. These souls are often the environment's punching bag.

(Mr. Rubinshtein's note: Under racial and cultural circumstances, such people can be regarded as "Corner people", a term I myself have coined).

How can they get out of this? There is not always money or good health. Sometimes these people gave their time and love without limit, without getting anything in return, other than abuse. Being assertive and not being a people pleaser are important, as Mr. Tomasio wrote. But is the person always in control? Do they always have someone to talk to?

That is why these souls are often alone in the world. They do not realize that there are others like them.

Sometimes, when they do understand, they can open their eyes. But assertiveness does not always work for them. And still, regardless of their default, deep kindness and compassion, there are a few ways to overcome such traits when they enter the extreme. By "extreme" I refer to when one is too kind, empathic, helpful and so on, for their own good.

The way to beat not being a sucker is:

3. Learn to set limits. You are allowed to say no, even if someone gets angry. You do not want someone like that in your life, who is constantly angry for the fact that he or she can't order you around. Learn to respect yourself around people and forgive yourself for having a soul that challenges you.

4. Understand your soul. You will understand that it is different because that is how God created it. Sometimes life is not fair. You cannot predict what will happen in advance. Therefore, you must forgive yourselves for being chosen to be such souls.

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roland leblanc
roland leblanc
09 de set. de 2023

Nice article; I like to think that we have a unique purpose that enables this world to be rectified through tikkun...

I wonder if you could define which level of the soul you are talking about in your article; for example I copied a part of an article:

''Viewed from the point of view of man's service to G‑d, these levels of soul may be described as five ascending levels of awareness of, and communion with, G‑d. They are called (in ascending order) Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and yechida.''


And, I would like to ask you: Where do you get your figure of: ''A soul descends into the world 40 days after God's decision.'' Why : 40?



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