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A Monologue From the Undead Philosopher

Updated: Mar 10

A hermitage in the wilderness.

Here is a monologue of mine regarding the title I've given myself. You might find it interesting:

“All of that we do that is not inquiring, we do to escape inquisition.

“We go out into the world with a social mask glued to our face. We are asked how we are, but we are not expected to speak expensively, nor in full honesty.

“We go on adventures across the globe, or at least in our country of origin; we reach achievements praised by society, and sometimes we utterly fail, in a stressful and competitive world.

“But we never, ever ask - what is it all good for?

“When we begin asking this question - to others, to ourselves - we are likely to see that this question has no appropriate answer.

“And, for the brave of us, it becomes an irritating, everlasting question, standing in the background while we smile, laugh and even kiss.

“Yet, all of what we do and experience whilst among the living - not a single, long-term, satiating answer arrives to our hungry mental bellies.

“And thus begins the downhill, the escalation - the degradation into nothing but a mentally ill mind, for in the absence of a good medicine, the mind deteriorates.

“We then receive a regular dose of pills to maintain our sanity in what appears to be an absurd, obscure existence. Our brains then become reliant not only on food and water, but to pills as well, probably for the rest of our lives. They do not provide the answer we are looking for; they are there to keep us away from higher states of understanding, as the state of understanding we have already reached is, at least in a normative perspective, high enough.

“And all of this - because we dare to admit a possible truth that many people, if not all mankind, are too afraid or too reluctant to admit; that life has no meaning beyond what we choose to temporarily give it.

“And thus, I take a glance at the five books I have already printed - and I realize, that the sense of meaningfulness, even if I’ve wrote hundreds of books, is still very, very temporary.

“Such absurdity, that we all come into a void of nothingness, is answered by many of us indirectly and without sufficiency - through entertainment, through work, through prestige, through religion and through everything else that we convince ourselves, that this will be the thing that shall serve as the meaning of our lives - but with a more inferior regard to what makes this thing the meaning of our lives.

“And thus many of us do not venture deep, into a state of craziness, nor ascend to higher ladders of mental vision; we stay in the middle ground and hope not to fall into the void that fills us all - the elephant in the room nobody likes to admit they’re here, there, and everywhere. It is Dark whom we have learned to ignore, and if we want to inspect it more deeply, we are given pills and professional help, so we can be better at living in the absurdity while we, unlike all others, have awakened, for the good and for the bad of it.

“Why do many disdain from philosophy? The truth has to be told - those who dislike philosophizing, may be afraid to admit, that the one or more meanings they have assigned to their lives, are not that meaningful, as they have previously declared; that the answers they subconsciously chant and make them more optimistic, are mere escapism from questions whose more complex and sufficient answers, are far from reach like the distance of Pluto to the Sun.

“Let us be honest for a change - meaning has no presence in our surroundings; it is merely a projection from our minds towards said surroundings. It is a label, a categorization, a stereotype; a quick excuse to apply, so we will be able to continue functioning in our daily lives, or else, alas, we would be even more deteriorated than we already are.

“Some die because of this; some put a fake façade of joyfulness while they reach a state of prestige and wealth, and then die.

“But I - I have chose to remain dead while alive, for I am certain that nothing that the world has to offer me, will most likely to never give me the answer I so desire. Even if I am to do something exciting, the excitement shall deteriorate eventually, and the thing whom I’ve seen in a very joyous perspective, looks now so dull, boring and mundane.

“I thus see no other option, but asceticism, for the answer which I seek has no scientific foothold, nor can be answered by science. It could only be answered through emotion.

“But since emotion is not a reliable asset to achieve logical optimality, and because emotion is always a source of bias that keeps one close to one thing but far from others (and never in the egalitarian center of things and beings) - it should be discarded when indulging in such affairs, for emotion is but a rollercoaster - never persistent, nor methodological, nor keeps up with the info provided, and, thus, non-objective.

“The question whose answer I seek is objective by its nature. It refers to life in general, and the existence of life in general is autonomous from subjective opinion. Answering an objective question with a subjective question is equivalent to shooting a target with a schnitzel instead of an arrow: not only are you probably not going to hit the target you wish to hit, but it is also a waste of good resources that can and should otherwise be used for other purposes.

“I thus am not afraid to admit that I live in a mindset of a man in his pension years, even though I am young in age. I have done everything I wish to do, and that’s not a lot. What is the point of desiring more, if these desires shall sink into oblivion after the object of the desire has been consumed until full satisfaction?

“I have long been tired of playing the ignorant game that socialization has taught me to play. Ignorance is bliss for those who fear the Dark and never have the courage to confront it face-to-face. I, on the other hand, am consumed by it, and have accepted its everlasting presence. Hence why I chose asceticism: Light is and will always be temporary and passing; Dark, on the other hand, always lives, but subconsciously. The higher the intellect, the clearer the vision of it is; a greater vision, at the sacrifice of momentary, revolving happiness, like waves whose end is already predicted through logic.

“See if you can convince me otherwise, and until then, I shall remain, blissfully or stupidly, the Undead Philosopher. May we all descend deeper into the depths of the earth without losing the rope that connects us to the world above.”

Thank you for reading thus far. Feel free to share if you have found this article to be insightful to you.

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Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc
Jul 02, 2020


`...May we all descend deeper into the depths of the earth without losing the rope that connects us to the world above”`...

Note: this reminds me of this : Lech Lecha that is in the scripture wrongly translated (this is only my personal opinion), by: Leave everything and follow me where I will show you`...

May I suggest that you try to see and make your own interpretation of the Lech Lecha and get back to me`...

לך לך

לכ לכ

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