The Undead and the Examination of life

The Undead and the Examination of life

Life is worth examining only for those who are strong enough to deal with heartbreaking insights, which in turn they metaphorically kill you and leave you undead.

You see, illusions are very fun, because they add meaning to our lives. What are illusions? Illusions are the projections of our consciousness, but they are not real. This is why they are illusions and not something physically concrete. When we are to differ between reality and illusions, we have the potential to discover how much of what we’re seeing as truth, is actually false and deceptive.

Ambitions, personalities, social constructs, religions, successfulness, meaning - all of these concepts, which tend to be highly valued, are nothing more than the creation of our consciousness, whether in singular or plural form. When you are to discover how much of a lie you live in, i.e, when you examine your life, you may begin to see how much of it is fruitless. Then this examination of life, when consciously realized with optimal attention, does the exact opposite; it doesn’t make your life worthwhile, but not that important as you thought it was. Whether you are a janitor or a leader of a country, most of our “reality” is just socially-accepted illusions, as being “real”.

It slaughters you on the inside, taking much of the life force you previously had, until the point you are dead on the inside, living life through the barrier of the Logic Military, which reveals to you how less of a significance many things have in practice, such as ceremonies, which are just symbolic, and happiness, which is just a biochemical drug.

Now you are undead; a walking dead in living form. You realize that the term “worth”, is, too, subjective and not necessarily absolute and grand you thought it was. You see the animals in your environment and in your home if you have a pet, and realize that they do not need meaning in order to live. You then conclude that you, either, don’t need meaning to depend yourself upon, when you can simply survive, and the rest is up to you regardless of the consequences. Regardless of what you may do, everything but the void is finite. You then become one with the void, by letting it liberate you from useless suffering and desire. You then become serene and stoic like the corpses in the grave. Thus you begin to transcend beyond the earthly, by integrating the silence and eternal satisfaction of the dead.

Is such a “fate” escapable? I don’t know. Philosophical inquiry is a one-way ticket. There is no reversal to transcendence, to the state of wisdom. Many people may enjoy their lives without examining it so much, if at all. You don’t have to do otherwise than them to have your life being of worth, since worth is a decision, not an objective proof. Everyone are capable of philosophizing, but those who sink themselves deeply in its vast ocean, may drawn and transform their lives into a state of undead-ness.

Proceed with caution, and if you see that you are not strong enough, turn back to the comforting and time-murdering distractions of the mainstream lifestyle.

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