The Importance of Individuality

The Importance of Individuality

Updated: Feb 12

Being an individual means that much of the possibilities in your life are either boosted or limited by your distinct individuality, as each individual possesses different skills, attributes, potentials, strengths and weaknesses, and in order to get along in life’s many currents, knowing oneself as an individual can be very helpful, from thinking what to do in one’s leisure, to the large duty that is survival and functionality.

If we are to ignore our individual traits, advantages and disadvantages, society at large wouldn’t be able to function optimally. This can be compared to pieces of puzzle - each piece has it’s own optimal place in the larger picture, and once each piece is placed in a location that best serves its distinct shape, the general picture shall be more fulfilled and more coherent, rather than just a mess of unidentified pieces, aimlessly scattered all over the place.

Therefore, individuality is something that is crucial for both the individual and for the society they’re in. On a personal level, the awareness of one’s individuality can help them live a better and a more fulfilling life, and on a collective level, it can help boost the overall productivity of society, if every self-aware individual shall be positioned in whenever is the best for them, under the circumstances of realism, that is.

The Israeli army, the IDF, seems to be well aware of this insight, as it rates different candidates with different “profile rates”, according to the individual distinctions of each candidate. If I’m not wrong, those who are ranked very high are usually considered fit for a combatant role, and those who score poorly on the “profile” scale, are either given a safe, non-combatant role, or are dismissed from compulsory service, even though it is compulsory for anyone else, whose scale makes them fit for duty.

Now, if the IDF is to recruit anyone that has reached 18 years of living, without taking notice of their individual distinctions, and categorize each recruit to whatever is needed as of the moment, the functionality and the efficiency of the army would be very poor, because if we are to ignore the individual traits of each soldier, the troops might find themselves in a position that doesn’t fit their best way of service, thus lowering the efficiency of the military.

Hence why individuality, or, rather, the awareness of individuality, is crucial at least on the practical level of getting things done as optimally as possible, and of living a more satisfactory life that suits one’s strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.


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