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The Beautiful World of Numbers (Also, Philosocom's Directory on Numbers)

Updated: Aug 10

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Everything and everyone are a number. Not necessarily in the raw, physical world, but in the realm that exist beyond it, beyond the existential -- the abstract realm of the universe. It is the realm accessible only by the human mind, and perhaps by other lifeforms as well.

We usually refer to numbers as robotic and purely technical concepts. Like in computers, calculators, measurements, and so on. However, as said before, numbers exist everywhere, and everyone consists of a complex set of numbers, beginning from their name, their date of birth, and literally everything else in life.

This passion for numbers is not necessarily what you might be taught at school, even though school itself may measure your competence as a student through either a number or a letter.

How do numbers form? They form naturally, spontaneously, every time, everywhere. They appear when you run, when you use a computer, and even when you're playing a game. Everything in existence can, at least in one way, be reduced to a number; a number that is either defined by quantity, or individual, by itself.

Taoism teaches us about this mysterious force, called the Tao, or The Way. It's a force that balances this universe, in an intuitive matter, and brings things to their supposedly-natural state of things.

Numbers aren't necessarily only unnatural, but they were all, from the very beginning, natural; the very measurement of the objects of the universe; their width, their length, their speed, and their interaction with other objects, which have somehow led to the establishment of beings. As to whether things were created by design or evolved, or both, of that I have no certainty.

But think of numbers like this, my dear readers -- they are the reasoning for our existence. They are the very foundation, the very element, of the universe and of everything that exist within it. They are capable of defining each and every of our actions, our thoughts, our feelings, and other things as well, that we might consider as not having anything to do at all with numbers.

Music, a very human feature, is all but mathematics in the form of sound, played over a certain duration of time. The length of the note, the selection of the note itself, the intensity of the note, and how the note is made or played... that department could theoretically be applied to any other department in every aspect of existence, with little to no flaw.

But what is a number, at all? It is simply a REPRESENTATION. A representation of everything and possibly everyone, and it might do so even better than mere words. It truly sucks that I'm bad at math, because otherwise, my understanding of existence would've been far wider.

Are they human made? How can a kilometre be human made, when a kilometre is objectively a thousand meters, and a meter is objectively a thousand millimetres? We didn't decide it, did we? We simply gave it a name, like we call a tree by its name.

The tree doesn't begin to exist once we name it; it exists regardless of our capacity of naming it. So is, I believe, with numbers. We are simply advanced enough cognitively to be able to describe things in numbers. It's just that some can do it better than others.

Even quality can be reduced to mere numbers, just like quantity. When you go to a fine hotel, you may give it 5 stars on a review site, and if the hotel is abysmal, you might rate with 1 star. Surely these stars are nothing more than the representation of the quality of your experience! Therefore, even quality can be measured in numbers.

What's so beautiful in numbers? Not their forms or appearance, but the fact that they build everything and everyone even more than atoms do. Why? Because numbers can even go further beyond the realistic, to the realm of imagination. It just goes to show, that numbers are capable of delivering ourselves, to even beyond the existential.

That is, you see, the appeal some people find in arcane studies. In Numerology, in Tarot reading, and any other form of mystic practice. I'm not certain as to how accurate they are to actual reality, but like with reality itself, they are based on numbers.

It will therefore only be natural, that some people may deem the arcane arts as a potential to reveal more of this reality, and perhaps of a reality that exists beyond this very one -- the abstract one, the one above; a one whose name I have not.

The arcane approaches numbers with an extremely interesting question, many of us may overlook: What if numbers are more than representations, but also, INDICATIONS? What if numbers could tell the future? Our supposed fate? Our destiny? What if numbers have a certain symbolism to them, that go beyond mere representation of the oh-so obvious?

It is the FAITH in this plane of numbers, that might at least give ME the HOPE to escape the horror of absurdity; the horror that says, that everything and everyone is as meaningless as mundane.

My arcane researcher told me this: With greater intuition, I might be able to reach a greater self, and thus be more in tune with my destiny. Ah, yes... this sweet, sweet word, "destiny". The word that has nothing to do with escaping from life, but on the contrary -- cherish it, appreciate it, see it as a function, a work to be done!

I am the Heretic Master of the Graceful Ruby. That is the literal meaning of my full name. What if we would use the logic of this department into numbers as well? Into our birthdays, into certain dates of the year which were significant to us? It is then, when the Moshe Cohens of the world are more than just common Hebrew names, and when many, many other things, are far more, than they may be seen, to the non-philosophical eye!

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