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A Philosophy of Aggression (Poem)

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A big warship.


I have been called aggressive, several times before. In order to advocate my side, and in order to utilize it, by contributing to humankind, I have devised this poem, for these exact purposes. Due to how I experience the world, I can learn quite a lot of it, since I almost always, keep analysing it. These are but few of my findings.

Before we'll begin, I guess you should know that this isn't for the faint of heart. Regardless, truths may contain pain within them. It is my duty, as a philosopher, to not disregard their potential existence; To accept the pain involved and live alongside it.

I hope that, through this poem, the notion of aggression, will have another awareness.

The poem was inspired by this tune.

The Poem Itself:

Ms. One, yelled at my mind at an intensive rate,

And made me move across the state.

She made me, question my existence,

But her apathy, left me merciless.

When people remind me of suicide,

They only encourage me to nurture a public life.

Against them, I am pitiless,

So I'll reach, the natural death!

Mr. Two, revealed true sociopathy;

There's evil in the niche of philosophy!

He made me, question my existence,

But thanks to him, I can be fearless!

When evil beings try to depress my mind,

They only make me determined for the rest of humankind.

Against them, I am pitiless,

So I'll reach, the natural death!


Without mercy,

To the enemy,

Greater certainty,

Can guarantee!

Where all the roads have ended,

My hope, for more does not!

Even if my goals aren't destined,

My passion, to persevere, is hot!

So, as you see,

There's little stopping me.

As Mother intends:

One shouldn't be despaired!

To the enemy: I killed my pity,

So I'll reach, the natural death!

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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